Tortured in the back of the head?

Pain in the occipital part of the head can arise due to a huge number of causes, many of which have not been sufficiently studied by specialists.

Headache in the nape of the neck is of two types: constant or appearing only when turning or tilting the head. Sometimes the pain can appear even from the fact that you just touched your neck.

Causes of headache

The reasons for the appearance of such pains are quite a lot. For example, a huge list of diseases of the cervical department (it always affects the headache) and the disease in a chronic form. Pain in the nape is very unpleasant, because it can go to the eyes, ears, shoulders, which makes a person suffer even more.

Another common cause of pain in thethe occipital part of the head can be called myogelosis - muscle tightening. Usually this trouble happens after the person has vented, or he will sit for a long time in an uncomfortable position. Even your wrong posture and stress provokes the appearance of a headache.

Frequent mental and neural stress canlead to the fact that there will be a constant headache in the occipital part. As it turned out, the most vulnerable to this trouble is a woman, aged 30 years.

If the pain is localized not only in the occiput, but alsogives in the ears, jaw, neck and back, this may be a symptom of the neuralgia of the occipital nerve. It happens that the pain intensifies if you just sneeze, cough or turn your head.

When to start worrying?

There are situations when the pain can really turn out to be dangerous:

- you are more than 40 years old and before that headaches never tormented you;
- the place where the pain occurs, changed dramatically;
- Headache is accompanied by such symptoms: dizziness, partial memory loss, vision problems and numbness of hands and feet.
- pain began to occur more often, and even significantly increased.

Folk treatment

Often when there is pain in the occipital parthead, we throw all the blame for stress. And this opinion is based on sound ground. But only doctors believe that pain often appears due to muscle contraction.

Therefore, before you go to the doctor, you can try several ways to treat the headache of folk healers:

1. Do not sleep during the day or at sunset. This often provokes the appearance of pain in the occipital part of the head. As soon as you take this as a rule, notice that the head hurts much less often.

2. If you suffer from pulsating intense pain, you can try to remove them with a tight bandage. Just tie it around your head, and by reducing the flow of blood, the pain will become much weaker.

3. Love coffee? It will be necessary to reduce its consumption to 1 cup per day. Just do not completely abandon the drink, because without a daily serving of caffeine, your blood vessels will become less elastic. As it turned out, not only the excess of caffeine can cause pain, but also its lack too.

4. For a while, give up toilet water, perfume and other. Strong aromas often cause another headache.

5. Do not forget about regular meals. Do not skip meals or wait for some convenient time. This attitude to the basic needs of your body can cause a headache. This is due to the fact that a lack of nutrients causes a narrowing of the blood vessels, which means, leads to a headache.

After you finally eat, the vesselsexpand and there will be an even stronger throbbing pain. Even more exacerbating the situation can chewing gum. In addition to the above reasons for pain, monotonously repeated chewing movements also appear.

6. Try to avoid as much as possible noisy places, protect your eyes from bright sunlight and watch less TV. If your work is connected with a constant sitting at the computer, make as often as possible breaks.

Here are the main tips and recommendations, but a doctor's examination is absolutely essential.

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