Acne on the back

In many cases, acne is not manifestedonly on the face. To external signs of the disease can be attributed and acne on the back. It should be noted that this manifestation is characteristic not only of acne.

Acne on the back can occur at any age.

Specialists share three degrees of thisstate. To an easy degree carry small individual inflamed pryshchiki on a back. When a larger rash occurs, the average severity of the disease is noted. Acne on the back of a large size indicates the development of a severe degree.

People who haveincreased skin sensitivity, as well as persons prone to reactions of an allergic nature to the effects of cosmetic products. In this case, the pimples on the back manifest a shallow red rash. With excessive consumption of spicy and fatty foods, they have a large form, and to the touch - very dense.

Pimples on the back. Causes

The appearance of the rash may have various causes.

The main reasons include disruptions in the endocrine system. In this case, there is insufficient or, on the contrary, excessive production of endocrine cells of a certain hormone.

The occurrence of rash in women is often due tostate of pregnancy, gynecological diseases. In addition, acne often appears after abortion and polycystic ovary. In some cases, the rash indicates severe dysfunction of the urinary system (eg, chronic pyelonephritis).

Disorder of the gastrointestinal tract can alsocause rashes of varying degrees. So, dysbacteriosis and other pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract can lead to general intoxication in the body, signs of which can be a rash on the back.

The occurrence and spread of the rash along the spine may indicate problems with it. The localization of acne on the femoral region may be a sign of neuralgia.

The reasons for the appearance of acne include high temperatures, and high humidity, as well as frequent disturbances and stress that a person may be exposed to.

Experienced specialists-cosmetologists always turntheir attention to the localization of the rash. It should be noted that regardless of the causes that caused the rash, treatment of the condition can not be postponed. In carrying out early preventive measures, as well as timely and competent treatment, you can avoid scars and scars on the back and other areas of the body that arise from rashes.

Before using any means to get rid of the rash, you need to visit a doctor and consult with him.

In the treatment of rashes can be used as medicines, which appoint a doctor, and folk remedies, the use of which is recommended after the approval of a specialist.

It should be noted that the majority prefers folk recipes. In their opinion, people's methods make it possible to cope with the problem without significant expenditure of resources and time.

So, to get rid of the rash, you can mix soda andsugar on a teaspoon in a glass with hot water. With the help of such a solution, cauterization of inflamed acne on the back occurs. After that, they should be greased with butter. After an hour the mixture is washed off. When using this remedy, temporary redness of the skin may appear.

Another means is a mixture of lemon juice and alcohol solution in a one-to-one ratio. Such a solution is applied to acne. Wash off the solution one hour after application.

To remove the rash, you can use a mixture of granulated tablets "Erythromycin" with water. This tool is recommended to apply with a cotton swab.

The use of folk recipes is recommended in combination with proper nutrition and hygiene maintenance.

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