Self-proclaimed diagnosis - pimples on the chest

Once the hero of Dostoevsky's novel uttered a phraseabout the saving power of beauty. Of course, it was not about appearance, but, you see, a rare woman (and a man) will give up outer beauty for a rich spiritual content. Most likely, she (he) wants to have both of them, combining both kinds of female (male) attractiveness.

If for the male half of the population in the majorityIn case his own appearance can not bring to tears, panic and hysterics, then women can not be told the same thing. In the first place, the main provocateur of inferiority and self-flagellation complexes are the shortcomings of the figure (too thick / thin, not high enough / "giraffe", etc.), followed by the state of skin, hair and nails. Meanwhile, the last of these provocateurs are a signal of the body that he needs help. For example, an unwanted "gift" for adolescents - acne - is considered a normal process during puberty. But the appearance of acne on the skin of an adult person is an indicator of health (or rather, ill health) or improper / inadequate skin care.

Acne can appear on any part of the body: on the face, shoulders, back, buttocks, in the decollete area. Acne on the chest - a phenomenon often, a rash may appear in both women and men. Since this part of the body in most cases is hidden from prying eyes, the discomfort from the rash in the decollete area is more likely for strong natures, who are concentrated on themselves and do not seek approval from others.

What causes acne on the chest? Is it possible to fight this? Is it dangerous? There is no unambiguous answer to all these questions: it depends, like everything in our life, on a variety of factors. So, the self-proclaimed diagnosis of the patient is "pimples on the chest." The reason for such a phenomenon may lie in the physiological characteristics of the organism in a certain period of development. In other words, it can all be the same transitional age. In this case, you need to be patient and with a philosophical approach to care for the skin.

The fault can also be physiologicaldifferences between the male and female body. So, before the onset of menstruation, many women experience the appearance of pimples on the chest or skin of the face. It after a while passes or takes place, therefore at the majority of women does not cause or cause paroxysms of a panic.

So, if there were pimples on the chest,the causes of their occurrence can be hidden in the characteristics of the body during puberty or in the physiological causes of the female body. In addition to these reasons, there are other, for example, inflammatory process in the glands of Montgomery (in such cases, the pimples are located on the nipples). Correct actions of the woman in this case - visit to mammologu.

Acne on the chest can occur whenwearing synthetic clothing that blocks access to the skin of oxygen. Between the tissue and the skin a wall is created that does not allow the secreted sweat to evaporate - the pores become clogged and acne appears.

The appearance of acne in the chest area in adulthood is associated with the death of epidermal cells that clog pores.

Methods of struggle

It is best to see a doctor. Hormonal bursts are characteristic for a certain period, but if this happens often - the body needs help. Therefore, a visit to an endocrinologist is a reasonable move in this situation.

It happens that a consultation of a dermatologist is needed: under the guise of acne, a skin disease called streptoderma can hide.

Acne on the chest is treated in many ways: Anti-acne creams and ointments, lotions on herbs, oral antibiotics. You can use a bath with a weak solution of potassium permanganate. The water should not be hot, the duration of the intake is 20-25 minutes. Whatever option was chosen, the main thing to remember is that the appearance of acne is not a "punishment", but a symptom of unhappiness in the body that disappears with proper care.

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