The sex of the child is determined by the renewal of blood - a simple technique

In any society, family planning is consideredone of the main and vitally important aspects. And at this stage all parents think about the field of their future baby. Who will it be: a boy or a girl is the first question that worries the expectant mother and father for nine months. The sex of a child can be determined by updating the blood, based on the fact that it "becomes younger" or "grows old" at certain moments of life.

the sex of the child is determined by the renewal of blood

Update of female blood occurs every 3 years,in men the blood is renewed every 4 years. If you start the calculation from the age of 12, the woman's blood will be renewed at 15, 18, 21, 24 years and so on. Male blood refreshes at 16, 20, 24 and the like. The sex of the child can be determined by updating the blood, based on this technique. Whose blood is younger in the process of conception, such sex will be and the child. For example, if a man is 31 years old and a woman is 25, a girl is likely to be born, since the blood of the expectant mother has only been renewed, and this has not happened to her future father.

The process of blood renewal

Sex of the baby blood renewal

To determine the sex of a child, blood renewalyou can calculate with three- or four-year cycles. But it should be noted that this process is natural, and it can not occur under the influence of external factors. Suppose a person constantly donates blood as a donor or he needed an urgent blood transfusion - this technique does not apply to him anymore. Experts and do doubt that you can determine the sex of the child by updating the blood. They consider this term, and this technique is far from science. In addition, what should you do if your parents were born on the same day and in the same year?

How to recognize the sex of a child, given the cycles of blood renewal

The sex of the child can be determined by updating the blood,if you determine how many times it has changed for each of the parents. That is, it is enough to know the age of future dad and mother. The age of a man is divided into four, and the woman's age by three. Whose coefficient will be lower, that sex will be and the kid.

But you need to take into account some of the subtleties. First, the age of parents should be taken at the time of conception. Secondly, in women with a negative Rh factor, the blood is not renewed every 3 years, but every 4 years, as well as in men.

Blood Update Table

The sex of the child, of course, can be learned usingthe parent blood renewal table, but this technique is not the most reliable. Also, parents can find out what gender the baby is born, based on the blood group. True, the probability of this method is more like guessing, but these methods are not complex and, in principle, can be checked.

Determining the sex of the future baby with a blood test

The most reliable method of determining sexThe child is giving blood from the vein for analysis. This examination of the mother can take place already in the seventh week of pregnancy. What is its essence? As you know, in the circulatory system of the future mother contains a small amount of fetal DNA. In human cells there are X- and Y-chromosomes, while the latter are inherent only in men. That is, if there is at least one Y-chromosome in the mother's blood, then surely she will have a male child. This method is considered reliable by 99%.

Table of blood renewal of the child's sex

Believe or not believe the above ways - it's your thing. Yes, in principle, for most parents it does not matter who will be born. The main thing is that the baby should be healthy.

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