On how to cure a cold quickly

Many people do not take cold seriously, considering iteasy disease, which can be transferred on legs. However, this does not take into account the complications to which it may lead. Especially it concerns small children and adults with weakened immunity. So, you need to know how to cure a cold, especially if you approach it responsibly, it will be enough for a couple of days.

There are patients who immediately go to the pharmacy andstart buying up the drugs advertised from this disease. It is necessary to know that not all drugs can be taken together, since there is a risk of unforeseen interaction between them. In addition, most of the drugs only relieve symptoms, but do not eliminate the cause of the disease. It is impossible to take antibiotics independently and uncontrolled, this process should be clearly controlled by the doctor. If often, and for the slightest reason, to drink such drugs, strains of pathogens can become resistant to them, and in the case when antibiotics are really needed, they can not help.

It is very important to know how to treat a cold at the breastchild, because the disease in children develop faster and can give complications much more serious than in adults. A common cold can become a problem here, since the child can not blow his nose yet. Help wash with sea water (such kits are sold in pharmacies) or conventional saline.

If a cough appeared, then steamInhalation with ordinary mineral water or herbal decoctions. The latter can also be used for rinsing. Of course, to describe in detail how to treat a cold in infants, a visiting pediatrician should be invited, also it will be needed in order to exclude the possibility of a more serious disease. It is only necessary to bring down the temperature if it rises above 38 degrees. You can make a baby foot bath with a dry mustard diluted in water.

As for adult patients,as a cold cure, you can not forget about the people's means, which often come to the rescue. For example, rinse your throat with infusion of calendula or chamomile. Another popular recipe is to mix baking soda with coarse salt in equal proportions, pour it with warm water, and rinse the resulting oral cavity as often as possible. If the disease has just begun and the symptoms are still weak, mustard foot baths will help, and the nose is washed with sea salt water as often as possible.

The first rule of how to cure a cold isthe shortest time is rest. At least one day (or better until the disease finally does not go away) should be dedicated to your health, then you do not have to treat the disease for a week, or even more. It is important at this time to drink as much as possible. In addition to ordinary water, you can use herbal teas and decoctions to drink. Rosehips and black currant contain a large amount of vitamin C, which promotes the production of interferon, a protein that protects cells from the virus. Also useful are any citrus fruits.

Do not eat when there is heavy food, soas the liver is one of the organs that secrete antibodies to fight infection, and there is no need for an extra load at the moment. It is necessary to give preference to viscous porridge, sour-milk products, fresh vegetables and fruits.

There is a large number of folk remedies andmedicines that help to answer the question of how to cure a cold. However, it is worth remembering the most important thing. First of all, it is necessary to take care of strong immunity and a healthy body. And for this it is necessary to give up harmful habits, observe the proper diet, encourage sports and walk in the open air. Then a few diseases will be terrible.

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