The drug "Semax." Reviews, description, instruction

The preparation "Semax" (reviews and commentsexperts confirm this) is a nootropic tool of the new generation. The medicine was developed by Russian scientists. It is a drug nasal drops (in the nose).

Perfectly suited medicine "Semax" for children. Parental feedback indicates that small patients are well tolerated. In addition, the drug is easy to use. The undoubted advantage of the "Semax" medication (reviews of many patients point to this) is its dosage form. Many people have difficulty swallowing tablets. Moreover, oral forms of preparations have many side effects associated mainly with the digestive system. Drops in the nose "Semax" (the experts' reviews confirm this) is not only a convenient, but also a safe tool.

The "Semax" agent is an original synthetic peptide drug. The drug is an analog of the adrenocorticotropic hormone element, it does not have hormonal activity.

Medication "Semax" (reviews and comments of doctorsindicate this) has an impact on the processes associated with learning and memory formation. The drug is able to strengthen selective attention when analyzing information, as well as improve memory functions. When using the "Semax" means the resistance of the organism to cerebral ischemia, anesthesia, hypoxia and other damaging effects is improved. Against the background of neuropsychic overwork, the drug intensifies the concentration of attention, camera activity. In addition, the medicine accelerates recovery and retains mental performance. The drug strengthens the energy processes in the brain.

A solution of 0.1% "Semax" is used forintellectual disorders, memory disorders, accompanying cerebral vascular lesions after CCT, neurosurgical interventions. The drug is prescribed for the treatment and prevention of postnarcotic conditions, astheno-neurotic disorders of a different nature (after ionizing radiation including). The medicine "Semax" is shown to increase human adaptability in extreme conditions, to prevent mental fatigue in monotonous operator work during busy periods of activity in emergency conditions.

Drops 0.1% "Semax" are used in ophthalmology. The drug is prescribed for neuritis of toxic-allergic, inflammatory nature, as well as atrophy of the optic nerve.

The "Semax" medication is used for children from five to fourteen years with minimal brain dysfunction therapy (with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder including).

A solution of 1% is used to treat ischemic stroke in an acute period.

The drug "Semax" is contraindicated in endocrinepathologies, during lactation and pregnancy. No medication is prescribed for acute mental disorders, conditions complicated by anxiety, with hypersensitivity. Do not apply medication before the age of five.

A solution of 0.1% "Semax" is injected into each nostril,two or three drops. The drop contains an active ingredient of 50 μg. Single dose for adults should not be more than 200-2000 mcg, daily - 500-5000 mcg.

A remedy is used every day for three or five days. If necessary, the doctor can extend the therapeutic course to two weeks.

In pathologies of the optic nerve, the drug is administered intranasally (in the nose) per day for two or three drops not more than three times. Buried into each nostril. The duration of therapy is from seven to ten days.

With minimal brain dysfunction, children are prescribed one or two drops in the mornings and evenings. In a day the dosage should not be more than 200-400 mcg. Duration of application is a month.

Before using the drops "Semax" you need to consult a doctor.

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