City polyclinic № 175 in Moscow: photo, reviews

Today we have to find out what isrepresents polyclinic № 175 in Moscow. What is this organization? Where exactly is it located? What services does it provide? Are citizens happy with the visit of this medical institution? All this will be discussed later. In fact, it is easier to understand what a polyclinic under number 175 is like than it seems.


What kind of institution is this? An important moment that interests all citizens. 175 polyclinic in Moscow is a state budget medical institution. That is, it is a kind of free diagnostic center for the population. Here you can get help in different areas of medicine. Admission of patients is conducted according to the program of CHI.

polyclinic 175

Polyclinic №175 has several departments andbranches. Among them you can find even a separate women's consultation. This means that even with pregnancy, you can come here for help. Nothing special. The activity of the organization is not surprising. This is a common state polyclinic.

Areas of Assistance

But in what areas does it work? As it was already said, the institution provides assistance not in one direction. And how many? A lot of them. You can say that with any health problem you can contact the institution in question.

Polyclinic №175 works in the following areas:

  • laboratory diagnostics;
  • therapy;
  • surgery;
  • nephrology;
  • neurology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • oncology;
  • otolaryngology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • endocrinology;
  • urology;
  • gynecology;
  • psychotherapy;
  • allergology;
  • venereology;
  • dermatology.

Also in a medical institution you can make ultrasound,ECG, ECHO and X-rays. True, not in all branches of the organization. This is really a multi-disciplinary center. You can find out about your state of health, get a doctor's advice, and also undergo one or another course of treatment. The specialists of the clinic will quickly and without any problems appoint him!


And where is polyclinic №175? What is the address of the main branch of the state budget institution? This topic interests all potential clients of the hospital. After all, you need to know which specific address to apply for help.

city ​​polyclinic 175

Polyclinic №175 address offers the following: Moscow, Chelyabinsk, house 16. It is this department that is considered the main one. All patients who want to get help from the doctors of the clinic should come here. Nothing difficult or special. Only this is not the only address!


How so it turns out? The whole point is that the polyclinic №175 has numerous branches. Accordingly, almost all the listed services can be obtained at other addresses. Moscow is a big city. And in it public hospitals very often have several branches. All for the convenience of customers!

So where are those or other branches located? Which addresses can I use the services of a medical institution? To date, this is:

  • street Old Gai, house 5;
  • Lilac Boulevard 30;
  • Molostovyh Street, Building 7 Building 2;
  • Izmailovsky Avenue, house 91А;
  • Western street, house 2.

All these 5 branches also serve visitorson a free basis. This fact should be taken into account by every patient. There are paid services here, but they are only at the request of the visitor. Citizens do not have the right to impose such opportunities. This should be remembered for everyone.


And how can you contact an institution such ascity ​​polyclinic №175 of Moscow? There are a number of phones that help to realize the idea. There is nothing difficult or special in this.

175 polyclinic of Moscow

To date, polyclinic number 175 at Chelyabinsk takes calls by phone:

  • 8 (495) 410-10-61 - a table of references;
  • 8 (499) 638-31-60 - call the doctor;
  • 8 (495) 305-98-68 - pediatrics;
  • 8 (495) 300-72-41 - call the pediatrician home.

Only, if we believe in numerous reviews, it is very problematic to get through these numbers to the registry and the clinic as a whole. You will have to be persistent in order to achieve results.


And now a little about what the city polyclinic №175 really is. This is an important point. It depends on it, whether a citizen will go there or not.

A lot of controversial reviews are foundconcerning the situation in the medical center. Most visitors say that the organization does not look the best. Cosmetic repair is done here, but polyclinic No. 175 in Moscow has not yet been fully updated. It is not very pleasant to be in the walls of the institution.

But if there are such patients that they leave onlypositive feedback about the medical organization. It is noted that polyclinic №175 (Moscow) has a good cosmetic repair. He especially pleases in the children's department. Everywhere clean, beautiful and cleaned, but to the conditions of a private medical center, of course, far away. And this is normal. The organization as a whole looks good, but worry and vanity are still present. No peeling walls, which sometimes say patients, no.

polyclinic 175 in Chelyabinsk

Work of the registry

Special attention is paid to the work of the registry. Both the children's polyclinic № 175 and the adult in this area receive approximately the same responses. Patients are not satisfied with the work of the registry.

As already mentioned, to get through to the institutionextremely problematic. It's just that nobody picks up the phone, it's busy. Sometimes, according to the opinions of visitors, employees can hang up right during the conversation.

Such claims have not been confirmed, but theyare still encountered in practice quite often. This should be remembered. Some say that even when writing to a doctor on the phone there are problems. To frighten of similar situations it is not necessary - on them patients of the state clinics often complain.

Polyclinic №175 at Chelyabinsk in Moscowserves patients through the registry is not too fast. Most visitors are noting regular queues in the service windows, as well as a rude attitude. Not all workers can be traced, but it can not be excluded.

Medical staff

175 polyclinic in Moscow receives a generally mixed reviews. Among them there are bad and good. The main thing is to pay attention to the moments that are most often encountered.

For example, visitors often speak ofmedical personnel. They emphasize that there are attentive nurses here who know exactly what they are doing. Especially in the children's department. The patients really try to find an individual approach. Just what is so necessary!

175 polyclinic reviews

But some of the visitors are not happy with nurses. It is alleged that this staff is unfriendly, unprofessional, does not know what it is doing. There can be no question of any individual approach.

What to believe? Polyclinic No. 175 in Moscow is a large institution. It has good medical staff, and not much. To foresee, with whom exactly it is necessary to meet, it is impossible. Hence it follows that citizens can get to both friendly and sympathetic nurses, and to rude nonprofessionals. But to consider that all junior medical personnel are rude or, on the contrary, extremely friendly people, is also not worth it.


Polyclinic №175 (women's consultation and othersbranches of the organization) receives a variety of feedback about doctors who work within the walls of the institution. However, this is the situation in any other clinic.

The polyclinic employs educated andprofessional doctors. They know exactly what they are doing. A wealth of experience helps quickly put the right diagnoses, and also prescribe treatment. Courses of continuing education are a common thing for the medical staff of the clinic.

Only in practice everything turns out a little differently. If you believe many opinions, the city polyclinic № 175 in Moscow offers services not the best doctors. There really are good doctors who know their business. They are attentive and sympathetic. But most visitors emphasize the lack of professionalism of doctors. Some can not diagnose, someone sends a lot of additional tests. All this is often said by visitors.

But do not be afraid. Praise for doctors working in the polyclinic is also not so rare. In such a large hospital you can face different doctors. From non-professional medics or medical errors, no one is immune. Therefore, it is simply necessary to be morally tune to the fact that the human factor in the hospital is not abolished.

children's polyclinic 175

Children's department

175 polyclinic reviews earn, as you can already notice, a variety. But more often than not good opinions concern the children's department. It pleases both patients and their parents.

It is noted that a good repair has been made here. It's not scary to go in, it's nice to be. Also, parents say that almost all the hospital staff are sympathetic and pleasant people. Some complaints are encountered. For example, in a vaccine room, you can sometimes not meet with the most friendly workers.

Doctors try not to prescribe a lot of extrastudies do not scare parents with terrible diagnoses. Children try to look for an approach, although not in all cases it is possible to do this. But with rudeness in the children's department, too, you can meet.

The registry here works exactly the same asin the adult clinic - the queue, a mess and a little confusion. Children's cards are lost, then discovered. It's difficult to get through to the registry. Employees in the relevant windows do not spend too much time helping patients and their parents. There is nothing surprising in this.


Now it is clear what ispolyclinic №175 (Moscow). This organization as a whole is by no means the worst place for monitoring health. Every day, doctors take a huge stream of visitors. The medical staff helps to quickly diagnose the disease, and then cure it. It is not always friendly and polite. But the fact remains that doctors cure almost all of their patients. No one is left without attention.

polyclinic 175 branches

175 polyclinic - the most common statea polyclinic center that maintains services in Moscow in different districts. It helps to monitor the health of both adults and children. The conditions for providing medical care are at the proper level, although they do not delight the visitors. To the level of a private medical center polyclinic number 175 is far away, but this should not be repelled. As already mentioned, for an urban free hospital, the institution has proved itself on the good side. Some claims are available, but without them there is not a single organization.

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