The benefits and harms of beer

Many beer drinkers do not evenrepresent, what harm to the organism they cause. In this regard, many studies have been carried out, the results of which have revealed staggering facts. The damage of beer, of course, is, because among the alcoholic products in general there are no harmless options.

In this drink there is ethyl alcohol, whichnegatively affects the gastrointestinal tract. A person who constantly uses beer, is harmful to his body. Alcoholic liquids irritate the gastric mucosa, thereby poisoning all vital organs. There are problems with digestion, there is weakness, abdominal pain and bitterness in the mouth. The lover of this drink is increasingly in a bad mood, becomes irritable and apathetic.

In addition, the harm of beer is felt most of allthe liver is the most important organ of a person who can fight toxins and poisons. But if this drink is consumed in large quantities and constantly, the liver may simply not survive. With moderate use, when a person drinks beer sometimes and on a bottle, he is able to avoid diseases such as cirrhosis and hepatitis. But those who abuse alcohol, this does not concern.

The damage to beer is indisputable, all organs sufferhuman, including the kidney and pancreas. Every fan of this drink has experienced the influence of beer on the kidneys. Constant visit to the toilet can lead to a malfunction of the water-electrolyte balance in the body, also the natural processes and the level of the acid-alkaline environment are violated. All this leads to serious consequences in the future.

Beer is a terrible enemy of microelements and minerals,which are in the body. Excessive use of a foamy drink leads to the fact that a person begins to feel drowsiness, irritability and tearfulness. Such people because of a lack of vitamins are disturbed, the mood is more and more often, the immunity is weakened.

But the harm of beer can be reflected in other organs. Heart failure, shortness of breath, varicose veins, sclerosis of the kidneys, ischemic disease, heart attack, hemorrhage, death of some organs - and this is not the whole list of what a seemingly innocuous low-alcohol drink brings with it. The damage to beer on the body is obvious, and it's time for people to think about their health. After all, nothing is as valuable as a good mood and physical form. But beer can take all this, make a person inferior and sick.

This drink adversely affects the hormonalbalance, making changes in the endocrine system. For men, the harm of beer is particularly affected, since in this case the production of testosterone is reduced. Meanwhile, more and more women's sex hormones appear, which can cause even external changes. In men who constantly drink beer, the pelvis widens, the mammary glands grow, the amount of hair on the body and face decreases, the voice becomes high. Thus, the harm of beer is manifested in such a way that the male individual more begins to resemble female. But the representative of the beautiful half should also not abuse this drink. Beer can give a woman a man's habits - rough voice, mustache, beer belly. Nursing mothers are highly not recommended to drink alcohol, this leads to many diseases in the baby.

So, to the question: what harm from beer, we did not answer completely. After all, this drink covers all human organs, sits and accumulates, thereby showing itself in the fatal consequences in the future. There is no benefit in this drink, and one should not believe those myths and invented human theories that beer can positively influence the brain, hair, nails and teeth. All this is a comparative nonsense, which was invented by people with the goal of complacency. Do not abuse alcohol, otherwise you can part with the most expensive and important in the world - your health and the happiness of your family!

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