City 16 children's polyclinic (Kemerovo): contacts and doctors

Kemerovo is a large city of Russia with a population ofof the population more than 550 thousand people. A fifth of the residents are children under the age of 18. Unfortunately, any child in the process of growing up and growing often suffers from various diseases. To have quality medical care is the desire of any parents. City 16 children's polyclinic (Kemerovo) has at its base all the necessary equipment, a laboratory for examining children and setting the right diagnosis.

Location and contacts

The polyclinic is located on Leningradsky Prospekt,house 12. You can reach the place by car and by taxi № 26 and 33. Also, city bus number 26 is moving around the city with a stop near the clinic.

16 children's polyclinic Kemerovo

You can make an appointment with a doctor by phoneregistered on the official website of the medical institution. Every day the call is taken by the health worker from 7.30 to 18.00 (except Sundays). Can the disputed questions on the work of specialists of the children's polyclinic 16 (Kemerovo), the telephone of which is listed on the Internet, resolve? To do this, dial the number of the manager, which is available in free access.

How to make an appointment with a doctor?

In the clinic there are several ways to write to the necessary specialist:

  • personal address to the registry;
  • by phone;
  • with information on the first floor;
  • record online on the Internet portal "Doctor-42".

To record with you need to have an insurance policy andoriginals of identity documents. In the phone mode, the number of MMI and contact information is called. The patient can independently choose a specialist and the time for which he wants to enroll, provided that it is free.

An entry to a pediatrician takes place on a territorial basisprinciple - to those who are assigned to a specific area of ​​the city. Refuse to visit a specialist patient has the right to notify the registrar about this 8 hours before the proposed visit.

16 children's polyclinic (Kemerovo): doctors

In the medical institution, the reception is conducted by various specialists:

  • district pediatricians;
  • ENT;
  • children's gynecologist;
  • gastroenterologist;
  • allergist;
  • cardiologist;
  • dentist;
  • orthopedist;
  • surgeon;
  • neurologist;
  • phthisiatrist;
  • ophthalmologist.

All medical workers have sufficient experience and constantly improve their qualifications.

16 children's polyclinic Kemerovo doctors

On the basis of the polyclinic there is a laboratory withmodern equipment. Experienced nurses spend blood sampling quickly and practically painlessly. In the clinic there is a room for physiotherapy. Here, children undergo treatment during inflammatory diseases of the ENT organs and the pulmonary system.

16 children's polyclinic (Kemerovo) hasa treatment room for injections and first aid in critical situations. Admission of children under 1 year is carried out on an individual schedule in order to avoid contact of children with other patients and waiting in queues.

The clinic provides a number of paid services for residents and visitors of the city who do not have an insurance policy or do not want to wait for a queue by recording.

Guest Reviews

16 children's polyclinic (Kemerovo) has many reviews on the Internet. Parents of children are satisfied with the cleanliness in the room and the quality of care of medical staff and narrow specialists.

children's polyclinic 16 Kemerovo phone

Sometimes there are negative reviews aboutThe work of the registry and the availability of long queues to the doctor. The mothers of newborn children on the positive side note the existence of a separate room for feeding the child and changing it if necessary.

Many good reviews can be found about district pediatricians, who in any weather come to their small patients at home on call and provide medical care.

16 children's polyclinic (Kemerovo) has in its territory a dairy kitchen for children under 3 years old. Mothers of kids are very happy with the opportunity to get a full meal and lure for their children.

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