The best clinics in Israel

For those who go to Israel for treatment,The problem of choosing a clinic is very acute. The great successes of Israeli medicine are widely heard and almost nobody calls them into question, but the effectiveness of treatment and the chances of recovery are enhanced if the clinic and doctor are chosen correctly. The clinics of Israel are 259 medical institutions, 48 ​​of them are general, the rest are specialized - psychiatric, children's, rehabilitation, oncological clinics. In such a variety it is easy to get lost, so the choice of a medical institution for the treatment of a particular disease needs to be approached with special care.

General Israeli clinics offer theirpatients a wide range of medical services - from modern diagnostics to complex neurosurgical operations, but a certain specialization in the activities of Israeli medical institutions is nevertheless traced.

The best clinics in Israel:

  1. Assuta Clinic - the largest private medical center in Israel,the head office is located in Tel Aviv, the branches work in other cities of the country. The leading fields of activity of Assuta are plastic surgery, oncology, general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiology, gynecology. The Institute of Dialysis and the Institute of Tomography work at the hospital. This medical center provides a quarter of all IVF procedures in Israel. Since Assuta is a private medical institution, its advantage is the possibility of attracting any specialist in any field of medicine. Practical medical stars of the world level are practicing here: spinal surgeon Ilya Pekarsky, cardiologist Professor Shmuel Rat, oncologist surgeon Moshe Papa and others.
  2. State Hospital named after Chaim Shiba (cityRamat Gan not far from Tel Aviv), striking for its scale and achievements, has at its disposal specialized institutions dealing with the problems of cardiology, genetics, oncohematology, radiology, as well as an institute for the treatment of infertility and childhood diseases. The most successful directions in this clinic are artificial insemination, oncological genetics, cardiology, pediatrics.
  3. Medical Center named after Suraski (Ikhilov)located in Tel Aviv, is the second largest medical institution in Israel. The specialization of this clinic is very wide, there is a center for kidney transplantation, liver, pancreas, national centers of neurosurgery, orthopedics, Israel Nephrology Center. In Suraski, resuscitation and postoperative rehabilitation of patients are well organized, this institution together with American companies carries out a large research work on the treatment of cancer and many discoveries in the field of oncology are made precisely in this medical center. More than 800 doctors with a worldwide reputation cooperate with Ichilov's clinic.
  4. Asaf-ha-Rofe Health Center refers to the public systemis the educational and research base of the Tel Aviv Medical University. This third-largest state medical institution, it renders virtually the entire range of medical services - from delivery to delivery to treatment of cancer. The advantage of treatment in this clinic is a relatively affordable price level. Here, at a high level, operations of general surgery, treatment of cancer of all organs, including blood cancer, are performed. Asaf-ha-Rofe - a recognized leader in gynecology, orthopedics.
  5. The Medical Center named after Rabin unites twothe oldest hospitals in Israel, "Hachaon" and "Beilinson." It is one of the most comfortable medical centers in Israel, and at the same time one of the most high-tech. The most famous specialization of the Rabin Center is transplantology. The Transplantation Department at Beilinson Hospital is one of the largest in Israel, where more than half of all organ transplants are performed in the country. The hospital has the largest bank of organs for transplantation in Israel, it is possible to carry out the maximum possible short-term operations for a liver, kidney, pancreas transplant.

Also the center of Rabin is known for its successful experiencein the treatment of cardiac operations. On the basis of the center the largest department of cardiology works, in which it is possible to diagnose the condition of the heart and vessels at the highest level, undergo intensive therapy or, if necessary, perform an operation on aortocoronary shunting, stenting. The Schneider gynecological clinic, which is part of the center of Rabin, treats all diseases of the female reproductive system, including oncological diseases. It also has a well-known maternity department in the world.

It is the best clinics in Israel that form the statistics that characterize Israeli medicine in general, these clinics are the best not only at the national level, they are also international.

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