Lumbar lumbar spine

The lumbar lordosis is aa disease that involves the formation of a deflection in the lumbar region that forms during the first year of life of the baby. A clear sign of the disease is the presence or absence of a deflection in the indicated area.

Lumbar lordosis is divided into two main types:

  • Primary
  • Secondary

Primary lordosis appears due to developmentpathologies of the spine of an inflammatory nature, as well as the formation of tumor nodes. The risk group includes people with excessive body weight, as the stomach protrudes forward, increasing the strain on the spine and creating a deflection. Often in pregnant women a characteristic bend is formed. Provoke the emergence of a secondary form of the disease can the presence of congenital hip pathology, hip joints, serious kyphosis.

Lumbar lordosis is easy to diagnosealready at a primary examination. Characteristic for him signs are the knees, as if looking in different directions; tilt the head and shoulders forward, as well as protrusion of the abdomen. Visually, the impression of an incorrect posture appears and one can judge the curvature of the spine.

The patient feels aching pain in the arealoins. This feeling is explained by a significant displacement of the center of gravity and, as a consequence, an increase in the load on other parts of the spine. With inactivity, the disease only progresses and the effect of incorrect posture is aggravated. Timely treatment of a doctor can save a person from many problems, for example, such as the occurrence of pathologies of the cardiovascular system, or when it becomes difficult for a person to breathe.

A doctor's examination refers to an inaccuratediagnosis, you can learn a hundred percent result only after receiving X-ray images. Judging by the results, the specialist determines the presence of a normal location of the vertebrae, flat back or hyperlordosis.

If for any reason there is no possibilityto undergo an x-ray examination, then the final diagnosis is made with the help of simple exercises. The patient stands up against the wall so that his back, head, buttocks and heels are snug against the surface. If a deflection is formed in the lumbar region, the diagnosis of "flat back" is not considered. In the event that the arm is completely free in this area, then evident hyperlordosis of the lumbar region. Normal is considered when the arm is placed, but rather closely.

Treatment of this disease of primary form can beonly through surgical intervention, but to achieve positive results is extremely difficult. To obtain the desired effect, it is necessary to have a team of qualified doctors who will provide not only a successful operation, but also a full range of rehabilitation procedures.

Secondary lumbar lumbar spinemuch easier. As a rule, the doctor is limited to the appointment of massage procedures and special gymnastics mandatory. To accelerate the recovery, it is recommended to wear a special bandage during the entire course of treatment, supporting the back in the correct form and correcting the posture. It is especially good to use a bandage in the presence of disease in expectant mothers, since it greatly facilitates the load of the fetus on the spine.

But it should be noted that the main emphasis is putit is on the application of medical gymnastics. Therefore, lordosis of the lumbar zone in a short time can be defeated with the daily implementation of special exercises. Very good results are provided by swimming on the back, as it tones all the muscles of the body and promotes their proper formation.

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