Sanatorium "Swallow" in Tyumen: quality treatment and comfortable rest

In a picturesque and ecologically favorable areaThe sanatorium "Swallow" is located in the Tyumen region. The health resort is located at a significant distance from major highways and industrial facilities. Modern technologies of spa treatment here are advantageously combined with the purest air and a relaxing-pleasant atmosphere. Come to the "Swallow" for rest and treatment!

Basic profiles and types of therapy

Sanatorium swallow
The diversified sanatorium "Lastochka" acceptstreatment of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular and nervous system, musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract. Treatment and general health programs are available in the health resort and for children older than 3 years. In "Swallow" young guests are offered a variety of therapy options for diseases of the respiratory system, endocrine system. To its guests the health resort offers various variants of rendering services. In addition to the traditional residence in the sanatorium, patients are given weekend permits and a day hospital (medical procedures without residence). Sanatorium "Lastochka" offers its guests mineral water treatment. Patients of the health resort can try a variety of water procedures, reflexology sessions, massage and physiotherapy. On the appointment of a doctor in the sanatorium and resort complex, you can also go through a course of dry carbonic baths, exercise therapy, inhalations, and visit salt mines. The health resort invites its guests to swim in the pool and try oxygen cocktails. Today, "Lastochka" uses the most advanced medical equipment, and the latest methods of treatment are successfully used. The health resort boasts a whole staff of highly qualified doctors, every guest of the sanatorium can consult with the right experts. Holidaymakers without serious indications for treatment can choose for themselves one of the generally strengthening programs: "Antistress", "Waiting for a miracle" (rest for pregnant women), "Enhancing immunity".

Number of rooms

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The health resort welcomes guests all year round. Two residential complexes (two- and three-storeyed) were recently opened after the European-quality repair. In the category "Standard" guests are offered single and double rooms. These apartments have an affordable price and are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay. Rooms "Lux" are designed for the most demanding guests. In the sanatorium's rooms there are also apartments intended for guests with children. Each room has its own bathroom and exit to the balcony. The minimum set of furniture: bed / bed, bedside tables, wardrobe, TV.

Entertainment and infrastructure

Meal in the sanatorium is provided four times a day,in the dining room of the medical-health complex. The administration of the health resort understands how important it is for certain diseases to adhere to a therapeutic diet. All conditions for observance of special diets are created in the sanatorium. Attention: when purchasing tickets for certain programs, meals are paid separately! Sanatorium "Lastochka" offers its guests a holiday as much as possible interesting and useful. In the health resort there is a large swimming pool, saunas, gyms, rental of sports equipment. The territory of the health-improving complex is landscaped, here you will find walkways, children's and sports grounds. The sanatorium is located on the bank of the river Pyshma. In the summer, guests of the health resort can relax and take a dip on the closed beach. All year round, fishing is organized. Guests from other regions are offered excursions to Tyumen with visits to the most interesting museums and attractions.

Cost of living and additional services

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Sanatorium "Lastochka" (Tyumen) prices for rest andtreatment offers quite democratic. From the middle of autumn to the middle of spring, living for 1 person without treatment and food costs only 2,300 rubles / day. It is much more profitable to purchase permits with treatment for a period of 7 days in a health resort. Choosing a similar proposal, you can relax and improve your health in a sanatorium at a price of 3000 rubles per day for 1 adult. The ticket to the health resort includes: accommodation, meals, medical and sanitary procedures and doctors' consultations. Sanatorium "Swallow" prices for additional services also has acceptable. Rent of sports equipment costs from 50 rubles per hour, visiting the sauna - from 1000 rubles per hour.

Reviews about the sanatorium

Sanatorium swallow reviews

The health resort with the poetic name "Swallow"like many residents of the Tyumen and neighboring areas. Today it is a modern resort complex, where you can improve your health without qualifying your comfort. Sanatorium "Swallow" reviews are positive from young parents. The health resort offers quality rest for pregnant women, as well as all the conditions for accommodation with children from birth. Many vacationers come to the health resort for holidays and vacations. On New Year's Eve, Christmas, Shrove Tuesday and other all-Russian "red" days of the calendar the sanatorium arranges lavish holidays, and also pleases guests with additional discounts and pleasant surprises.

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