Home remedies for increasing potency: recipes tested for centuries

Today, many men are increasingly asking themselvesabout how to increase the potency. If the body does not have inflammation, functional disorders, folk medicine will cope with this problem. Do not think that you are the first to look for such information. Many representatives of the stronger sex are afraid or shy to seek help from specialists or close people. Here are the recipes that came to us from ancient times. They are safe and tested, have no side effects. In addition, you can use the ready-made means: buy Supplements for potency, as they say, it will not be difficult. So, let's get started.

The easiest and most accessible wayincrease potency - walk as often as possible barefoot. Everyone is aware of the presence on the feet of active points, which are massaged when you walk. For greater effect, use rough surfaces or with bumps. This will have a beneficial effect on the entire body, and not only on the genitourinary system.

The contrast shower has a remarkable effect. He perfectly disperses blood and can not affect the potency. Try to make this event a habit. Carry out the procedure in the morning and at night. In order not to catch a cold, first pour your feet and then the entire body. After the shower, thoroughly rub with a towel until the appearance of redness.

Infusion of thyme will not only increase the potency, but alsowill prolong sexual intercourse. Buy a dry herb in the pharmacy, chop 100 grams of raw materials, pour boiling water (200 ml). Use a cold infusion 2 times a day after a meal and enjoy life.

For more than one century,what products have a magical effect on male power. One such product is quail eggs. Firstly, it is available to everyone, secondly, there are no contraindications, and thirdly, a large amount of phosphorus, which is so necessary for good erectile function. In addition, the product is considered a potent stimulator of potency in Japan, Bulgaria, Germany and other countries. Eat 2 eggs a day in raw or cooked form.

And who among us has not heard about such a "root of love"how is ginseng? Take 100 g of raw material, pour 0.5 l of water and insist for 2 days. Then cook the mixture on a low heat for about 4 hours, add a tablespoon of cinnamon and honey. Take the drug 1 time per day after eating 100 grams. Very soon you will notice excellent results.

If you are a busy person and you have no timebrew grass, and the intimate component of life is very important, then just buy the root of aira. Pieces of root can be used as chewing gum, but not more than 3 times a day. This is an excellent tool for increasing potency.

And love chocolate! Indians were sure that such a drink increases the erection and makes a person wise. I must say that this reasoning has scientific justifications. Good quality cocoa is an excellent solution to the male problem, a means of preventing cardiovascular ailments and scurvy!

When a man is tired or experiencing regularemotional upheavals, then, naturally, the sexual desire decreases, as a result - erectile dysfunction. Reconsider your daily routine. Do you have enough hours to sleep? How do you eat? Are not you nervous enough? Perhaps you need a comprehensive Supplements for enhancing potency and just a great vacation!

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