Mosquito bite and its danger

The onset of warm days is accompanied by the appearance ofbloodsucking insects, the bite of which brings considerable discomfort to a person. Much to our regret, the annoying mosquito is not as safe as it might seem at first glance. His bite can have undesirable consequences for human health. At the same time, one should not rely entirely on protection from bloodsuckers, acquiring special means, but it is worthwhile to know how to avoid unpleasant complications after painful bites.

mosquito bite
The insects are attacked primarily by children, sincetheir thin skin, and also strongly sweating people. It is worth remembering that a mosquito bite should not be scratched. Otherwise, there is a risk of infection in the wound. In addition, some people react to mosquito bites with allergies. The manifestation of this pathology can occur in different ways. Sometimes the allergy is accompanied by the appearance of painful cones throughout the body, and sometimes - an unpleasant red rash, similar to the first stage of psoriasis. People prone to such reactions should use with caution the drugs designed to protect against bloodsucking insects, since the consequences of their use may be unforeseen. Doctors recommend such patients before the use of these funds to examine the blood to prevent unpleasant reactions.

The mosquito bite, the photo of which you see below, is, first of all, the damage to the outer skin of the skin. Despite its small size, the wound is a lot of inconvenience.

mosquito bite photo
The mosquito bite is accompanied by itching. It negatively affects not only the skin, but also the nervous system of a person. Eliminate an unpleasant phenomenon easily. You just have to suffer and do not comb the place of the bite. At the first opportunity on the itching wound it is necessary to apply a compress from a soda solution. To eliminate discomfort, you can use ammonia alcohol. To apply a compress, it is diluted with water. With a bite, juice of citrus and garlic, a solution of green and manganese, helps a lot. If there is a possibility, then to the itchy place you can put mashed leaves of mint or bird cherry.

An insect bite can be extremely dangerous ifthis mosquito is malarial. It differs from the usual large sizes and dark spots on the wings. In such cases, medical help is needed, since there is a possibility of dangerous infection of the body.

A mosquito bite can be prevented by a whole seriesspecial preparations. These include "Akomarin", "Vietnamese starlet", "Boro plus" and others. For children, such tools as "Autan", "Gardiere baby", etc. have been developed.

stains like mosquito bites

Sometimes people complain that on the bodythere are spots like mosquito bites. These changes in the color of the skin can be vascular or inflammatory. When such spots appear, the cause of their appearance should be established. It can be:

- a bite of bloodsucking (midges, domestic parasites, gnats);

- an allergy to any food products;

- stress;

- infection, etc.

The spots, caused by the inflammatory process, indicate the presence of cutaneous pathologies (eczema, dermatitis).

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