What can hurt in the right side? We find out the reasons

What can hurt in the right side? There is no single answer to this question. And even an experienced doctor, if you tell him that your right side is hurting, you can not immediately make an accurate diagnosis. Why? And all because on the right side of the body are several organs: the gall bladder, appendix, liver, kidney, lung.

that can hurt in the right side
Failures in their work and can cause painfulFeel. To know at least about what can hurt in the right side, let's learn to recognize the symptoms of a particular ailment and find out the reasons for their occurrence.


Localization of pain in this diseaseis located near the pelvic bone slightly below the navel. The first symptoms of an ailment in the form of unpleasant sensations can be felt in the upper part of the abdomen, and only then fall down. Gradually the pain intensifies and becomes uninterrupted. Stomach upset and vomiting are also symptoms of appendicitis. Treatment of this disease is a surgical operation. The patient's task is to call an ambulance and trust the professionals of his business.


With inflammation of the gallbladder, the side hurtssides under the ribs. What are the symptoms of this ailment? The pain is felt by fights (most often after eating sharp, salty or fatty dishes), there are vomiting, nausea, loose stools, fever. If you suspect a cholecystitis, you should always consult a doctor. Not started timely treatment is fraught with complications: purulent processes and inflammation of the peritoneum. And this will lead to the need for a surgical operation.

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Biliary colic

A sudden sudden pain under the ribs on the rightthe side of the body is a symptom of this phenomenon. This disease manifests itself in those people whose gall bladder has stones. What are the causes of pain in the right side with this disease? The canal is covered with a stone, and the bile has nowhere to go. It accumulates, stagnates, thereby provoking inflammation. Sometimes the pain with colic is so strong that a person loses consciousness. Treatment of this disease should be under the supervision of doctors. Before the arrival of an ambulance, you can drink an antispasmodic drug, take a hot bath or apply a heating pad.


The kidney is what can hurt in the right side. How to recognize this ailment? Symptoms of inflammation are constant aching pain, chills, frequent urge to toilet in a small way. Treat this disease with antimicrobial agents. But to confirm the diagnosis of "pyelonephritis" and prescribe a therapy should the doctor.


sore side on the right side
Cough, fever above 39degrees, pain in the side, which is felt in the form of tingling and worse during inspiration - these are symptoms of complication of pneumonia. If you have similar feelings, hurry to call a doctor. The exact diagnosis you will establish after passing the X-ray and putting the tests. Treat pleurisy with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs. Complication of pleurisy is fraught with the pumping of purulent fluid from the lungs.

What can hurt in the right side? The main ailments accompanied by this symptom, we called. But this is not the whole list. Hepatitis, biliary dyskinesia, colon volvulus and other diseases may also be manifested by painful sensations on the right side of the body. We recommend that you do not put yourself diagnoses, but seek medical help from a doctor.

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