Nail fungus on legs: methods of treatment

According to scientists, more than half of the populationEarth was faced with such a disease as the nail fungus on its legs. This infection can be infected in public places (showers, gyms, swimming pools, bathhouses) while walking barefoot. Many people repeatedly face such a disease.

In connection with the prevalence of this disease, many people have a problem: how to treat the nail fungus on the legs?

It is possible to get rid of the disease only combining medical treatment with various folk remedies and observing a number of rules.

First, you need to dry your shoes well andinsole. Nail fungus on legs prefers moist and warm environment, and wet shoes will only strengthen the disease. Therefore, it is necessary to dry the shoes well and to insulate the insole. If possible, it should be changed (that is, have several pairs for one season).

When buying is better to choose products from natural leather and fabrics. If such conditions are created, it will be easier for the feet to breathe, which will slow the spread of the fungus.

When you visit a swimming pool or gymalways wear reliable bathing slippers, which you need to shoot as rarely as possible. Thus, the risk of getting nail fungus on the legs is reduced to a minimum.

For the treatment of the disease, internal and external drugs with antifungal effects are used. To external means carry creams, ointments, peeling varnishes and plasters.

Thus, antifungal varnishes ("Batrofen") penetrate deeply into the nail and its bed. Before applying the remedy, remove the infected areas of the nail and degrease them with alcohol.

Plasters and keratolytic creams allow you to remove the affected areas of the nail fungus. They include trichloroacetic or salicylic acid, antiseptics or antifungal components.

On the affected nails impose a keratolytica patch, which is fixed with a conventional adhesive plaster, and then bandaged. After three days, remove the damaged layer and repeat the procedure. Nail fungus on the legs in this way is treated from nine to twelve months.

In pharmacies today you can find special kits for treatment. For example, the preparation "Mikospor", which contains a scraper, plaster and keratolytic antifungal ointment.

Treatment is also performed with the use of creamslocal effects (means "Terbizil", "Lamisil", etc.), which contain the active substance terbinafine. These drugs must be applied every day to the affected areas. The duration of therapy is from three weeks to one and a half months.

If the nail fungus appeared on the legs, treatmentexternal means is effective only at the initial stages. With extensive lesions, you must additionally take the drugs inside. Tablets and capsules of general action stop the development of mycosis and significantly reduce the possibility of recurrence of fungal disease. Drugs are taken within two to three months, then a long break is made and repeated treatment is performed.

General drugs for the treatment of fungus are produced onthe basis of ketoconazole, fluconazole, griseofulvin, terbinafine and itraconazole. The most effective and popular drugs are Orungal, Lamizil, Diflucan. The selection of medications should be entrusted to the doctor.

To treat a nail fungus on legs or foots help or assist also nationalmethods that should be used in conjunction with traditional ones. Effective natural remedy are essential oils, apple cider vinegar, herbal decoctions, of which daily rubs and baths are made before the positive result. Before going to bed, you can make baths from diluted in boiled water table salt (1 liter of liquid take a tablespoon of salt). This substance is an effective remedy for the elimination of fungi. After the procedures, wipe your feet dry.

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