Mosquito bites: how to smear the skin

There is no person on the planet who has not experienced an insect bite. The consequences were different ... The reaction does not occur on the puncture of the skin, but on the substance that the insect injects.

mosquito bites than smear

Dangerous insects

When bites bloodsuckers are unpleasantFeel. But it's not so bad. Take the same mosquito bites: how to smear the affected skin is known to many. The danger is that some types of insects can carry infectious diseases: malarial mosquitoes - malaria; lice - recurrent typhus; African mosquitoes - West-Nile encephalitis; mosquitoes - leishmaniasis; fly tsetse - sleeping sickness; flies - typhus and dysentery; mosquitoes - Dengue fever, yellow fever, equine encephalitis; mites - Lyme disease; fleas - bubonic plague. To a serious illness and even death can result in a bite of spiders - Brown hermit or Black widow.

Allergic reaction

Before smearing mosquito bites with one or another remedy, it is necessary to assess the condition of the victim.

When you bite, the mosquito injects into the wound biologicallyactive substances provoking the inflammatory process. A normal reaction to this is redness of the skin, itchy papule. But if a large red spot appeared after the bite, which is unbearably itch, then the allergic reaction to the mosquito bite began. This is a local form of reaction, in terms of severity it is estimated as light.

allergic reaction to mosquito bites
Strong itching, hives, redness not only in places of bites, but also all over the skin indicate the onset of allergic dermatitis. And this is also an easy form of allergy.

Shortness of breath, dizziness suggest thatinflammatory process touched the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and internal organs. These are allergy symptoms of moderate severity. When transforming dyspnea into attacks of suffocation, and nausea in vomiting you have to diagnose a severe allergy.

Suffocation, loss of consciousness, a sharp decrease in blood pressure - signs of anaphylactic shock. When biting mosquitoes, this complication is rare, but it happens.

Mosquito bites: how to smear the wound for getting rid of itching

The itching bite site is treated with strongsolution of baking soda. Affected area of ​​the skin can be lubricated with boric alcohol, alcohol tincture of calendula or tomato juice. It soothes a cold cold lotion. Get rid of the itching preparations "Fenistil", "Fukortsin". Antihistamine should be taken with numerous bites.

Note that while it is only aboutsmall troubles that can deliver mosquito bites. Than to smear a skin in places of punctures, it is well known to people's healers. Affected areas of the skin are smeared with kefir or sour cream. You can attach a leaf of plantain, bird cherry, or treat this place with a balsam "Asterisk" to the place of bite.

Mosquito bites: what to smear skin for allergies

With a mild allergy, it is enough to take an antihistamine. Local treatment involves the use of ointments with corticosteroid hormones. You should also use alcohol or soda.

than smear mosquito bites
Heavy Form

If breathing is difficult, it is necessary to immediatelycall an ambulance. But anaphylaxis forces us to take immediate measures - adrenaline injection. Usually the patient knows about this peculiarity of his organism - he has a syringe and an ampoule with adrenaline. The injection will have to be done, without waiting for the arrival of physicians.

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