Lymph nodes on the back of the head. The reasons for their increase

Lymph nodes on the occiput, as well as in other areasbody, are the formation of connective tissue in those places where several vessels are combined. Their function includes not only filtering the lymph, but also cleaning it from bacteria, various viruses and harmful microorganisms. The cells of the immune system participate in this process.

lymph nodes on the back of the head

Why is the lymph node on the occiput enlarged?

Lymphonoduses are the first level of protection of the livingof an organism from an infection, however at inflammatory process in an organism loading on sites increases, that leads to their increase. If the lymph node on the nape of the head is inflamed, it is most likely a consequence of angina or conjunctivitis. Infection of the scalp and trauma also lead to such an unpleasant phenomenon.

Link of lymph nodes to organs

Cervical lymph nodes are responsible for cleaning tissues,located on the head. They become inflamed and increase in ARVI (rhinitis, pharyngitis) or in more serious infections (tuberculosis, mononucleosis). Submandibular lymph nodes are associated with the oral cavity, i.e. their inflammation can be caused by diseases of teeth, gums and throat.

enlarged lymph node at the nape of the head
When increasing from only one side, it follows thatconduct a blood test to exclude reactive lymphadenitis. The lymph nodes behind the ears increase in caries, colds, otitis and sinusitis, and when rubella they also become inflamed in the front. If the inflammation affects the axillary region, most likely, the person is ill with arthritis or mastitis. Inguinal lymph nodes become inflamed with infections associated with the genital area, trauma.

Features of the disease in children

Lymph nodes on the nape of children also increasewhen ingested, which indicates normal immunity. If their inflammation is localized in the neck, most often this is the result of angina or inflammation of the adenoids. Diphtheria often leads to swelling of the neck. This group of nodes is sensitive to toxoplasmosis, cat scratch disease. Chickenpox and ulcers on the body cause an increase lymph nodes under the armpits.

When is an urgent call for a doctor?

Most often, patients complain to the doctor about increasedlymph nodes on the back of the head and other parts of the body, but the pain is not there. This is a consequence of the inflammatory process in the body. If there is pain, it means that the infection itself has swept the knot; lymphadenitis developed. The reason for this may be reduced immunity. A visit to the doctor in this case should be immediate.

the lymphonodus on a nape has inflamed
Tumor processes

Suspicion of a tumor occurs when merging andexcessive compaction of lymph nodes. Before starting a local treatment, it is necessary to find a foci of infection in the body and carry out its sanation. Enlarged lymph nodes on the nape - a direct indication of the problem in the body. Therefore, you need to carefully check the condition of the throat, teeth, exclude gynecological diseases and get rid of the underlying disease. Enlarged lymph nodes are often a symptom of many serious diseases such as cancer. In this case, their size increases to 3 or more centimeters, there is quite a strong seal. Various tumors form metastases in the lymph nodes, and then through them spread throughout the body.

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