Beer alcoholism is dangerous for life

Warning for beer producers! The author does not claim that this drink is dangerous. Harmful only regular and excessive use of it. Data on diseases and side effects are taken from the publications and textbooks of Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Zoe Vasilievna Korobkina (State Pedagogical University, Vladivostok).

beer alcoholism
In medicine there is no definition of "beeralcoholism". It was coined to describe the dependence on this drink. Nevertheless, we will use an unpleasant phrase for many people to once again pay attention to the danger of this phenomenon.

According to the fortress, some types of beer are not inferior to wine.

By the degree of exposure to humans, one bottlelight beverage fortress of 14% is equal to sixty grams of vodka. If during the day four bottles of beer are drunk, this equates to approximately half the half-liter capacity of the forty-degree drink.

Beer alcoholism is dangerous for the heart. Cobalt, which is used to stabilize the foam, leads to the withering away of the tissues of the organ that pumps the blood. In addition, the excessive use of intoxicating drink causes the heart to grow in size and makes its muscles flabby.

signs of beer alcoholism
In people who drink more than two bottles of a drink a day, high levels of cobalt can lead to inflammation of the esophagus or stomach.

In beer, more by-products are storedfermentation than in vodka. The content of esters, aldehydes, methanol, fusel oils in a low-alcohol beverage is ten times higher than in vodka from alcohol of the most qualitative purification.

Beer alcoholism is one of the causes of varicose veins. A large amount of a drink containing carbon dioxide leads to the dilatation of blood vessels.

The addiction to alcohol kills the cells of the brain and spinal cord.

Beer alcoholism can cause cirrhosis of the liver, gastritis, pancreatitis, hepatitis.

signs of beer alcoholism
If, when drinking beer, a person does not know the measure, thenmay have caused diseases associated with increased concentration in the blood of lactic acid (lactic acidosis) and a decreased content of sodium in the body (hyponatremia). The first ailment is accompanied by increased breathing, nausea, insomnia, muscle pain. Symptoms of the second disease - drowsiness, confusion, twitching and muscle cramps.

Daily drinking leads to high blood pressure.

Regular use of beer often worsens eyesight and hearing.

Beer contains toxins in small quantities. Over time, they accumulate in the body and cause it to produce a substance that interferes with the formation of the male sex hormone. One of the reasons for impotence doctors called the daily use of half a liter of beer for fifteen years.

Analogues of the female sex hormone (phytoestrogens), which are contained in beer, eventually add to men external signs of women: enlarged mammary glands, wide pelvis, fat on the hips.

Women who regularly drink beer appearmustache, the voice becomes gross, the probability of infertility and cancer is high. If a lactating mother is addicted to the drink, epileptic seizures in the infant are possible.

The most common psychological aspects of daily drinking are self-esteem and memory loss.

You can prevent the emergence and developmentlisted ailments, if in time to pay attention to the signs of beer alcoholism. These include: regular (daily) consumption of the drink in large quantities, a desire to drink in the morning, quenching thirst in the summer only with beer, irritability when the drink is absent. In beer lovers, its dosage increases, and the degree of intoxication does not increase.

Not every medic can eliminate beer alcoholism. Treatment of this dependence is the prerogative of narcologists and psychotherapists. Before referring to these specialists, it is advisable to motivate a person, accentuating his attention on the physical defects that he acquired over the years of beer enthusiasm.

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