The drug "Livarol". Reviews, description, application

The drug "Livarol" is an antimicrobial antiseptic. The medicine is produced in the form of vaginal suppositories. The active substance is ketoconazole.

Candles "Livarol" (reviews of experts thisconfirm) have a fungistatic and fungicidal effect. The drug is active against dermatophytes, yeast fungi (including the genus Candida). The mechanism of action of the drug is associated with the ability to slow down the synthesis of ergosterol pathogens necessary for life support. The drug "Livarol" (feedback from specialists point to this) contributes to a change in the lipid composition of the membranes of fungi. The drug has activity against both streptococci and staphylococci.

With intravaginal administration, there is practically no absorption. In the systemic blood stream is a very small amount of medication.

The drug "Livarol" (suppositories) (reviews and comments of specialists testify to this) is recommended for the elimination of recurrent and acute vaginal mycosis.

The medicine is also used as aprevention of fungal infections in the vagina with reduced resistance of the organism to the action of pathogens and with the use of agents that promote the development of disturbances in normal microflora.

Before administration, the suppository is released fromprotective contour packaging. For convenience, it is recommended to take a position lying on your back. The suppository is administered vaginally. The drug "Livarol" (reviews of experts are unambiguous in this) should be administered once a day on the suppository. Duration of application (in accordance with the course of pathology) - from three to five days. If necessary (as prescribed by the doctor), the therapy is repeated until complete recovery. In this case, the absence of fungi in the body should be confirmed by laboratory analysis.

When applying the medicine "Livarol" (reviewspatients confirm this), some side effects are likely. In particular, you may experience dizziness or nausea, burning or itching (or other allergic manifestations) at the injection site. As a rule, such consequences are rare and do not require the withdrawal of the medicine. If the side effect increases, you should consult a doctor.

Medication "Livarol" (doctors' reviews are unequivocal in this) is not prescribed for hypersensitivity.

In the course of the studies, no toxic effect of the drug was detected. There were no cases of drug overdose in clinical practice.

The drug "Livarol" in pregnancy and lactation is not contraindicated. However, only a doctor should prescribe it. The use of suppositories should be performed cautiously during these periods.

During treatment it is not recommended to use barrier contraceptives (condoms, diaphragms), due to the ability of individual components of the drug to destroy latex.

Do not apply the drug "Livarol" for the treatment of adolescents and children, due to lack of experience in the use of drugs in this category of patients.

Interaction with other drugs

The concentration in the plasma of the drug "Livarol" is reduced when combined with such medications as "Isoniazid", "Rifampicin".

Simultaneous use of suppositories with indirect anticoagulants, "Methylprednisolone", "Cyclosporin" helps to increase the content of these drugs in the body.

Shelf life of the drug "Livarol" - two years. Experts do not recommend using the drug after the specified time. The medicine should be kept away from children.

Before using the suppository "Livarol" you need to visit a doctor and consult with him.

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