"Amol": instructions for use, indications, analogues and reviews

The drug "Amol" is a uniqueantiseptic. It consists only of natural components. It is made from a mixture of plant extracts that have bactericidal properties. This medicine, based on the recipes of traditional medicine, is very useful in the season of colds. Instructions for use "Amola" reports an anti-inflammatory, locally irritating and analgesic effect.

What is the drug?

"Amol" is a mixture of essential oils of medicinal plants. It is made in the form of a solution (tincture), as well as in the form of round pastilles for sublingual use.

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According to the instructions for use, the tincture "Amol" contains essential oils of the following medicinal plants:

  • lemon balm;
  • mint;
  • cinnamon;
  • carnations;
  • lavender;
  • lemon.

In addition, it includes menthol, an organic substance that is extracted from mint.

Amol lozenges contain the following oils:

  • lemon;
  • mint;
  • clove;
  • citronella;
  • lavender.

The composition of the drug for resorption under the tongue includes menthol and ascorbic acid.

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How does the medicine work?

The therapeutic effect of the drug is due to its unique ingredients. Each of the essential oils that make up the medicine is endowed with medicinal properties.

  1. Citronella herb oil reduces pain and helps the body to adapt to new conditions.
  2. Lemon oil helps the body fight infection, acts as a natural antiseptic.
  3. Mint ether has a local irritant effect on the skin, anesthetizes and disinfects.
  4. Cinnamon extract acts as an antispasmodic and antiviral agent.
  5. Lavender oil removes inflammation and inactivates bacteria.
  6. Ascorbic acid has a general strengthening effect on the body.

The drug is quickly absorbed into the skin or mucous membrane of the throat, it does not accumulate in the body.

What kind of diseases helps?

The drug has a therapeutic effect witha fairly wide range of diseases. First of all, it helps against inflammation caused by bacteria and viruses. Instructions for use "Amola" recommends taking it with the following ailments:

  • cold and runny nose of bacterial and viral origin;
  • upper respiratory tract diseases accompanied by cough and sore throat;
  • rheumatism;
  • pain in muscles and joints;
  • lumbar spine pain;
  • neuralgia of the facial nerve;
  • pain in the spine;
  • headache;
  • insomnia;
  • general weakness.

The drug can be taken as an adaptogen for sudden changes in lifestyle and climate, as well as in overwork.

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Contraindications and undesirable effects

The medicine can not be taken if the patient hasallergy to plant essential oils. This is indicated by the instruction on the application of "Amola". Children under 4 years should not be given lozenges. Compresses with a solution can not be applied to the face (especially on the nose) to infants. Both children and adults should avoid getting the tincture in the eyes.

The effect of the drug on pregnant women and nursing mothers has not been studied. Therefore, during the gestation of a child and lactation from the use of a drug is better to refuse.

Instructions for use "Amola" warns that allergy sufferers after the use of the drug may experience bronchial spasm, rashes, itching, irritation of the skin (when applying a compress).

How to take medicine

This drug can be taken with other medicines. "Amol" does not interact with any medication.

The lozenges dissolve in the oral cavity. It is necessary to wait for the complete dissolution of the candy. The dose of the drug per day is no more than 5-6 lozenges. After that, within half an hour you should not drink and eat, so that the medicine will more effectively affect the mucous membrane.

The solution is taken 15 drops three times a day. You can drip a medicine in half a glass of clean water or a piece of sugar.

Instructions for use "Amola" allowsuse of a mixture of essential oils as an external agent. For this, the drug is diluted in water in a proportion of 1: 3. The composition is used for grinding and compressing.

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At colds it is possible to do inhalations with liquid "Amol". To do this, in 1 glass of hot water dilute 5 ml of tincture.

Storage conditions, price and analogy

The drug does not require special storage conditionsand retains medicinal properties for about 2 years. This storage period provides instructions for the use of "Amola". The price of the drug in pharmacies is difficult to determine. This tool is manufactured and sold in Poland. It is almost impossible to buy it in Russian pharmacy chains. Usually the medicine is bought either during travel to Poland, or booked on the Internet in foreign pharmacies that deliver drugs to Russia. The price of the medicine is about 17 zł (about 272 rubles).

People often wonder if there is an analog of thismedicines among Russian drugs. "Amol" has a special composition, consisting of essential oils of many plants. The uniqueness of this remedy is the combination of the healing properties of the ingredients. Unfortunately, in Russia such a drug is not produced.

A complete analogue can serve only "Amol"German production. But it is also impossible to meet in a wide sale. German "Amol" can be ordered from online pharmacies that bring medicines from Germany. The price of the medicine on these resources is quite high, about 3,000 rubles, since the delivery from abroad is expensive.

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Reviews about the medicine

Users note that the lozenges and solutionpractically do not cause side effects, if you follow the instructions for the application of "Amola". Reviews about the drug are mostly positive. Many patients report that if you take this medication with the initial symptoms of a cold, then cough, runny nose and sore throat disappear and no longer appear. Older people write that compresses with tincture effectively relieve pain in joints with rheumatism.

Some users add dailya few drops of tincture in tea with a preventive purpose. This helps them feel more cheerful, less sick and better able to adapt to changes in the environment.

To the shortcomings of the drug, patients refer only to its inaccessibility. As a rule, people buy "Amol" during foreign trips. But those who took the medicine, mark its effectiveness.

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