"Sustanon": reviews on the use of the drug

Sustanon, reviews on usewhich in sports circles are most often of a positive nature, is a mixture of four ethers of different molecular lengths of the synthetic male sex hormone testosterone. The direct purpose of this medication is substitution therapy with insufficient production of this substance in the human body or in its complete absence to restore physiological functions. Typically, this drug includes the following testosterone esters: propionate (the fastest) in the amount of about 30 mg, phenylpropionate in twice the amount (starts working the day after the injection), 60 mg isocaproate and 100 mg decanoate.

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The last two last the longest. Based on the results of the tests, the working dosage of testosterone decanoate is maintained in the body for up to three weeks. The question of how to take "Sustanon", worries about every athlete who uses this drug. To take as a basis the medical instruction to use there is no sense, since the tasks of sports and substitution therapy are somewhat different. The drug "Sustanon", reviews about the practical dosages of which are both negative and positive, contains in one ampoule about 250 mg of testosterone, which is equivalent to 170 mg of pure substance. In natural conditions, the body of a healthy man produces for the day no more than 5-7 mg of this hormone.

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Taking one ampoule of this drug inweek, the athlete will provide himself with a testosterone amount exceeding three times the normal level! However, more experienced athletes are able to put this pharmacological agent on several injections per day. As a result of such an experiment, the testosterone level rises in tens, and even hundreds of times! Of course, beginners in sports should not think not only about this practice, but also in general about taking steroids. Without realizing your own natural potential, no artificially synthesized hormone will help you achieve impressive victories in any disciplines.

Another important issue related to thisdrug, relates to where to buy "Sustanon-250". The price in the pharmacy is the biggest. But there is at least some guarantee that in the solution are all those substances that are indicated on the package. The drug "Sustanon", reviews about which are positive among athletes of any level, contributes to the collection of muscle mass, and increase in overall endurance, and the growth of strength indicators. In addition, it is proved that a large amount of testosterone in the body of a man makes the body fry compared to those who have a low level. It also increases the appetite and absorption of protein.

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Taking the drug "Sustanon", reviews about whichwhen incorrectly applied, are very negative, the athlete should know that after the abolition of this pharmacological agent, the level of natural testosterone will be so small that the body will not be able to retain all the kilograms of muscles. Therefore, there are many schemes for its use - so-called courses with literate completion, recovery and rest periods, everyone should know about.

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