Diclofenac injections save from pain

Today, right from the morning, I had to helpneighbor from the second floor. I hear a knock on the door, I open it and see Oleg, who is crouched and groaning with pain. He says that his back aches wildly. He was lucky, because I always have a pill for such cases. Diclofenac, at least, takes one of the honorable places in my medicine cabinet. Diclofenac candles and ampoules are also found.

In general, I gave Oleg a tablet, invited me to enteradvised to purchase the above-mentioned remedy in ampoules. While he was drinking tea, I decided to enlighten him about the effect of this, in my opinion, a magical means. In particular, that injections of Diclofenac for a short time relieve severe pain and facilitate falling asleep. If you do not know the name of this drug, then most likely you know it as "Orthofen."

The drug is quite popular, and in our districtpharmacy even happens that they disassemble the whole stock. And it is not surprising, because in the present time, pains in the back and joints are not uncommon, and Diclofenac injections help with many other pathologies. I think that they should be listed or, at least, some of them.

  • Likely many know what is and evenexperienced osteochondrosis. I myself have experienced its action. Diclofenac injections helped a lot. However, then they were called "Epifenac". Now, too, there is, but more often it is Diclofenac.
  • Arthritis, spondylitis, gout.
  • With various injuries, bruises, sprains, Diclofenac is an excellent assistant.
  • Neuralgia, muscle pain. I myself injected Diclofenac with a person who was suspected of osteochondrosis, and found osteomyelitis of the spine. Here at whom pains were. This patient could not restrain moaning and said that it was impossible to tolerate. After the injection, however, even falling asleep, he could normally move around the apartment. Having transferred the operation, he took Orthofen tablets for some time.
  • Headaches, migraines, in particular. The tablet will also help here. Diclofenac (Orthofen), I believe that there should be in every home.
  • Menstrual pain.
  • Colic: renal, bilious.
  • Stomach ache.

As you can see, the tool is universal. It is a non-steroid drug, although I do not consider it a panacea for any pathology. But, for example, the temperature is knocked down not worse than analgin, since it is an anti-inflammatory drug. Its use provides a pronounced antipyretic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect.

You can use both injections of diclofenac, andtablets for oral administration, suppositories - rectal administration, ointments and gels - externally. Telling in the beginning how he saved the neighbor from the pain, I just did not mention that Oleg offered Diclofenac-gel besides the pill. There was no end to gratitude, as his mom already and ambulance was going to call, and so he even managed to work around the house.

The main indications of the use of this medication are discussed above. The dosage is as follows:

  • Tablets: adults 50 - 150 mg., And children after six years to 2 - 4 milligrams per kilogram of weight per day. Frequency of use by adults and children: 2.3 times a day.
  • Candles: adults up to 150mg per day. With prolonged use and in mild cases of pathology up to 100 mg. Children older than six years of the same calculation as when using tablets. The candle is injected with a rounded hole into the anus. Do not use with diseases of the rectum.
  • Ampoules: adults only 2ml in the morning and evening before bedtime. It should be alternated injections - every next injection to perform in the other buttock.


  • Hypersensitivity to the drug.
  • Children up to six years.
  • Gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer.
  • Pregnancy, breast-feeding.
  • Acute diseases of the kidneys, liver.
  • Elderly age.


Before using, especially long, together with other medicines, consult a doctor. I wish you health!

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