How to apply for a sanatorium card for a child

Summer is the time for holidays and the best time forhealth-improving trip with a child to a health center on the beach. Sanatorium and resort business in Russia is gaining momentum, there are many health resorts specializing in the treatment of diseases of various profiles throughout the country, and not just on the seashore. In some regions, there is a practice of providing free children's trips to the country's sanatorium. To do this, it is necessary to queue up for a direction, having previously collected the necessary documents, and to wait for your

issue a spa card
time. And now, when you are already the lucky owner of the treasured voucher, the most important thing remains - to issue a sanatorium-resort card 076 / U-04 for a child and get a certificate from the therapist about the absence of contraindications for treatment in a sanatorium. For young children aged 4 to 6 years, a voucher for the child and accompanying person is provided. It may be one of the parents or another legal representative who must complete the spa card by contacting the clinic at the place of residence.

This card is the main document (aftervouchers), confirming the need to receive sanatorium treatment. The card consists of 2 parts, the first is filled in by the district pediatrician before being sent to the sanatorium, the second is a voucher, which is filled in at the health facility, and on return from the trip is given to your site and is sewn into the outpatient card of the child.

sanatorium-and-spa business
Consequently, the first part contains information ontransferred diseases, heredity, preventive vaccinations, etc., as well as indications and recommendations for treatment. The voucher contains information about the treatment received and the procedures performed during the stay in the sanatorium.

Information on how to get a spa card can be easily obtained from the local polyclinic registry.

To issue a card together with the deposit of allanalyzes are allocated a certain period of time, about one week, and you need to start right away, because in accordance with all the rules to issue a sanatorium card, the pediatrician will prescribe a lot of necessary tests and medical examination of narrow specialists. Obligatory analyzes are a general blood test, a smear on the intestinal microflora, a general urine test. Obtaining the results takes a certain time, in addition, the smear is taken for three consecutive days, and each time a corresponding mark is placed on the stationery. This should be taken into account when planning the passage of medical examination.

how to get a spa card

To issue a spa card inthe shortest possible time, you can contact a private medical clinic. Here it will be possible to save time due to lack of queues and quick receipt of test results, since many clinics have their own laboratories with modern equipment, but they will have to spend money. If several people are going on the trip, it will be quite expensive.

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