City children's polyclinic. Moscow and its medical institutions

Moscow is a city that contains more11 million people. Every day a lot of people come to the capital from different regions of Russia, as well as from other republics. Some of them decide to stay in Moscow forever. In connection with the government program to increase the population in the Russian Federation, to give birth to children is now being solved by an increasing number of families. There are many social institutions for kids in the capital. First of all, they include Moscow city children's polyclinics, hospitals, educational institutions. The pediatric service in the capital is developing every year. To date, the city has many clinics that meet all standards of modern medicine. Corresponding addresses are attached to each of the hospitals. In the capital there are more than 100 children's polyclinics. All of them daily receive babies from different parts of the city.

children's polyclinic moscow

Children's polyclinic №133

Medical facility serving the populationLevoberezhny district, - the 133rd children's polyclinic. Moscow is divided into large districts, each of which has its own medical institution. The medical institution has been working since 1964. During this time, the children's polyclinic underwent major changes. Currently, it serves more than 300 people a day. The total number of children affiliated with polyclinic N133 is 9,500. It serves the entire population of the Left Bank from 0 to 15 years. The polyclinic services include: a monthly examination of children under one year, the organization of work of the vaccination room, the activities of narrow specialists with the placement of children in the dispensary records. In addition, adolescents of the attached district who have chronic pathologies, and persons with disabilities are registered in the medical institution. You can make an appointment by calling: 457-32-61.

Children's polyclinic №59

children's city polyclinics of Moscow
59th outpatient clinic serves the children's populationSouth-Eastern District of the capital. It meets all standards of modern medicine. For one shift in the clinic, 320 children are served. The educational institutions attached to the outpatient clinic include 9 schools and 19 pre-school institutions. Immunizations from infectious diseases, the planned reception of kids for up to a year, the work of narrow specialists, a laboratory and a cabinet of instrumental diagnostics are all carried out by the 59th children's polyclinic. Moscow can be proud of the activities of its medical institutions, as the responses of young patients and their parents about the dispensary are mostly positive. Visitors to the clinic are satisfied with the light conditions prevailing in the institution, as well as the work of doctors. In the medical institution there is an updated diagnostic equipment, as well as equipped auxiliary cabinets (procedural, inoculum, pre-medical).

Children's polyclinic № 86

children's city polyclinic

This outpatient clinic has been working since the 80s of the pastcentury. The children's city polyclinic is one of the largest pediatric medical institutions in the capital, as it serves 36,000 patients. The outpatient department is assigned to the Northern Administrative District. Thanks to the renewal of health programs in Moscow, modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of diseases was purchased for the 86th polyclinic. In the structure of the dispensary there is a department of a day hospital, traumatology, rehabilitation rooms after injuries. This distinguishes the medical institution from many others, where for specialized treatment it is necessary to take a referral and go to the hospital. The largest in the coverage areas of the Northern District is the 86th children's polyclinic. Moscow, thanks to it, rightly deserves the means that the state allocates for programs of modernization of the medical sphere.

Dental clinics for children in Moscow

children's dental clinics in Moscow
In addition to the fact that the capital is thrivingoutpatient facilities for children, there are also specialized clinics. Dental service in the capital is developed at the highest level. For this reason, adults and children treat their teeth in separate medical institutions. This is due to the peculiarities of patients of different ages. Children's dental clinics in Moscow are available in different parts of the city. A child can go to any of them, regardless of the address of residence. In order to receive advice and treatment from a dentist, you must first make an appointment.

Children's stomatologic polyclinic №10

Medical institutions dealing with problemsoral cavity, in the capital a lot. An example is the 10th dental clinic for children. There are rooms for orthodontists, therapists and surgeons. In addition, in the building of the clinic you can make an x-ray of the oral cavity. By this principle, dental care is organized in all such medical institutions.

One of the most necessary institutions for servicing the population of any city is the children's polyclinic. Moscow in this area holds the leading positions in the country.

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