Blood cancer: symptoms and causes

The cancer of the blood, the symptoms and causes of which we will consider, is one of the most terrible oncological diseases. Its name is leukemia (blood leukemia).

Blood cancer, the symptoms of which will be outlined inthis article, first of all affects the bone marrow. Human bone fills the tubular tissue, it participates in the formation of blood cells. The organism of a healthy person produces several types of blood cells. The most important of them are leukocytes. They are also called white blood cells. They are necessary, because they play an important role in the fight against various kinds of infectious diseases and others. Also our body produces red blood cells. They are called erythrocytes. Their main duty is to transport oxygen to internal organs. There are also platelets. They are responsible for the coagulation of blood.

At a time when cancer cells are affectingbone marrow, the development of a huge number of leukemic cells begins. They are nothing more than immature leukocytes. The absence of normal leukocytes leads to the appearance of anemia, and the body loses its ability to resist viruses and bacteria. Also bleeding begins to appear. Leukemia of blood, the symptoms of which are specific, dangerous and can cause death.

Over time, blood cancer penetrates into the lymph. For this reason, many internal organs are affected. The cancer of the blood, the causes of which we are considering, can be of several kinds. Basically, they differ from each other in the rate of development of the disease, as well as the type of affected cells.

Types of leukemia

This disease can occur either in acute,or in a chronic form. In the case of acute leukemia there is a sharp deterioration in the patient's condition, in another case - the symptoms appear very very slowly. Isolate myelogenous, as well as lymphocytic types of the disease. The second is mostly found in children. Adults suffer from them extremely rarely.

Myelogenous acute leukemia affects people allages. Chronic lymphocytic blood cancer almost always appears in older people. Often this disease is inherited. Myelogenous chronic leukemia affects adult organisms.

The causes of this disease are still notinstalled. It is known that heredity is of great importance. It has also been established that blood cancer, the symptoms of which will be discussed below, can occur after a long exposure to the body of any negative factors. These include radiation, chemicals and so on.

It is worth noting that some people face daily negative factors that can cause leukemia, however, they do not have this disease.

Cancer of the blood: symptoms

All types of leukemia have some peculiarities. With some, one thing gets aggravated, while in others it's quite different. It is worth saying that there are also symptoms that can be attributed to all varieties of leukemia. First of all it is necessary to note the strongest fever, which torments the patient with leukemia almost always. The body temperature can be very high. The body loses its ability to resist any disease.

Even a weak blow can cause hematomas on the patient's body. The blood ceases to curdle, which means that even a small cut can cause big trouble.

Symptoms of leukemia include also pain in the joints. This pain, as a rule, increases during movement. Blood cancer also becomes the cause of increased internal organs.

Lymph nodes also increase. Patients with cancer of the blood are constantly experiencing very severe fatigue. Under their eyes, huge bags appear. They are also suffering from migraines.

In most cases, the patient dies.

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