Large bones on legs: folk remedies

Beautiful and healthy women's legs attractattention of men. But with the onset of the beach season, the bones on the legs become noticeable. Folk remedies help to get rid of the problem, but not for one day or even for a week. Use grandmother's recipes with caution: that is suitable for one person, can not help another. If results are not available, consult a doctor.

bones on legs: folk remedies
Causes of the problem

Defect is the bulging of the stone inof the thumb. This leads to a shift of the thumb towards the others, those under his pressure also shift, the foot becomes shapeless. Women often have bones on their legs. The causes of this phenomenon are associated with weak ligaments, shoes with heels, narrowed nose in shoes, and overweight.

The disease can begin at an early age, notcausing inconveniences up to a certain point. With age, bones turn into cones, legs begin to ache from walking and wearing tight shoes, inflammation can occur. Appear hairs, calluses, which also cause inconvenience. This pathology is not only cosmetic, but also orthopedic. The disease can lead to:

  • chronic bursitis;
  • flat feet;
  • varus deviation of the I-th metatarsal bone.

As a result of endocrine disorders, osteoporosis,genetic features also develops such a defect as the bones on the legs. Folk remedies should not be a panacea: they are used in complex treatment.

bones on legs: causes

To make the right diagnosis, appointmenttreatment and prevention of deterioration, the patient should take a referral for examination. It identifies the causes of the disease and its stage. The patient is shown an x-ray of the foot in three projections. Pictures determine the degree of deformation, the absence or presence of arthritis, cysts, osteoporosis, inflammation of the periosteum, aseptic necrosis.

folk ways of treatment
Traditional methods of treatment

1. Dandelion and iodine. Dry crushed dandelion flowers are poured with iodine tincture, leave to infuse for 4 days. On the steamed dry feet, apply a mesh to the mixture obtained, do this once a day (at night). The course of treatment is at least 2 weeks.

2. Aspirin and iodine. Five tablets are dissolved in 10 mg of iodine, this solution is applied to the ossicles on the legs. Folk remedies are treated at night, so the procedure should be done before bedtime. On the feet until the morning wear warm socks. The course of treatment is at least 2 weeks.

3. Household soap and iodine. On the steamed legs, put finely grated soap, the skin is massaged, soap is washed off and spreads the problem area with iodine. To get the result, you need to do the procedures within a month.

4. Propolis. A piece of propolis kneaded in his hands, put on a sore spot, fixed with a bandage. Top with a cotton sock. The bandage is removed in the morning. The course of treatment depends on the severity of the disease.

To treat bones on legs or foots national agents are able,but it is better to prevent the disease. To do this, you need to do self-massage legs, walk barefoot on the relief surfaces, wear comfortable and proper shoes without heels. If necessary, it is necessary to put orthopedic insoles into shoes. You also need to monitor your weight and eat right.

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