If the man has become infected with lichen, how can he be treated, the sore arthritis?

Lishay is a term used in the people,which combines several skin diseases. These diseases, differ both in the course of the disease, and in its signs, as well as in diseases indicated by the common name of lichen, there may be different causes of skin lesions. The term "lichen", comes from Hippocrates itself, he called depriving, any rash that has signs of depriving a person .. With the passage of time, this definition began to mean completely, all the manifestations of skin infections.

Recipes for this article include ways tostruggle, in the event that there was a deprivation in a person how to treat, take care of the affected area. Here is a list of skin infections called lichens, for which these treatments are suitable: red spiral and non-spiral lichen, red lichen planus, scrofula or tuberculosis of the skin, sweating, horse lichen, lichen rash and inflammation of the lichen.

Red spiral lichen, which is similar toThe thread, most of all, its location is on hand. To get rid of this depriving, you need to rub the red beet and tie it to the lishay. The dried beets are replaced with fresh beets and thus, until the disease has passed.

Euphorbia very well helps to treat scabies and lichen in a person how to treat, and to neutralize this infection, from the people surrounding the scabies people.

In the fight against lichen, an excellent assistant to calendula,her insist on alcohol and rub the sore spots, before applying the ointment. This infusion is prepared not hard, you need to take two tablespoons of calendula flowers and pour a glass of alcohol, the minimum infusion time is 3 days, but the more, the more effective the wiping will be. Ointment from calendula, prepared by grinding inflorescences in powder and mixed with petroleum jelly, at the rate of 10/50 g. Having in the arsenal, to fight against deprivation, such a set, deprive not long will bother with its presence. In three days, white or red spots, noticeably lose in color.

Another good way: root of the medicinal herb, crush and pour warm water (3 tablespoons root to 250 ml water), pour the root to leave overnight, for infusion. In the morning, you can already make a compress from the present. Keep as long as possible, but if there are no unpleasant sensations, it is better not to wash the tincture. Such a procedure must be done until the very disappearance of lichen.

If the man has become infected with lichen as to treat,a sore throat? For the removal of inflammation, components such as whey, dandelion juice, chicory juice and mineral waters are helpful. Perhaps, and such a neglected case that the inflammation will be too strong, the leeches, cold lotions, fresh juice from the leaves of birch or plantain will help here.

If appeared, without certain signs,deprive a man how to treat such a defeat, if you do not know the reason for his appearance? Of course, it is difficult to treat what little information is, because if you deprive red and has a certain shape, it is easy to determine what caused it, and accordingly, its treatment will be effective. But to get rid of such lichens, too, there are means that are quite effective. This product is a naphthalene ointment (a thick mass, black-brown color). She smears sore spots, until she is completely cured.

There is such an unusual way of treating depriving, astreatment with paper fat. To do this, take a piece of paper and fold it, then it must be set on a flat plate. Turned paper into ash, it needs to be removed from the plate, the remains must be blown off. on the plate will remain a yellow stain, this is the paper fat. nm should be lubricated affected by depriving the place.

There are many ways to curepeople, to choose the right method, is not difficult, since the means to combat this problem, every year appears more and more. It remains only to decide which method (traditional or non-traditional) to give preference.

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