How to treat a runny nose in an infant: tips and tricks

A rhinitis in a newborn child frightens his mother,but not always he appears because of the fact that the child has a cold. The mucous nose of the baby does not start functioning right away. For some time the body gets used to the environment and adapts to it, it seems to master the functions "dry" and "wet". Consider two types of common cold in newborns and decide how to treat a runny nose in a nursing child.

how to treat a runny nose in an infant
Rhinitis without colds

If your baby is not yet threemonths, and discharge from the nose is not accompanied by other cold symptoms, then the question of how to treat a runny nose in an infant is eliminated. You do not need to treat it, the doctor should tell you about it. However, when the allocation is dense or there are many of them, then it is necessary to act.

The first thing you need to do is create in the houseoptimal conditions for the child. The apartment should not be hot and stuffy, air humidity about 50%, because dry air negatively affects the health of the child. This is especially true in the heating season. Therefore, moisten the air in your home with cups of water, wet towels, aquariums, moisturizers. If the mucous membranes become dry and the crust forms in the nose, you can boil the pot with water and for a while breathe over the steam with the baby. Just do not need to bend his head over the pan, just stand with him next, the same procedure can be done over the bathroom with hot water.

Than to treat a nose still? It happens that some mothers instill breastmilk into their babies' nipples, and this is correct, since mother's milk contains substances that help fight diseases. The main thing is that everything should be sterile, because milk is a suitable medium for the reproduction of bacteria.

How to treat a cold in an infant with a cold

If the rhinitis is joined by other symptomscolds, then in this case drops or medical baths will help. Good for the cold helps grass (if the child does not have allergies), such as birch leaf, calendula, sage, chamomile. These herbs can be mixed, pour boiling water and keep the crumb above the steam so that it does not burn it. Remember that the skin of babies is tender.

than to treat the nose

Babies with a cold are especially good at helpingsaline solution. Whoever has a nebulizer, the baby should be inhaled three times a day with 9% saline. When the inhaler is not available, it can be buried in the baby's nose. Do not need to wash their nose, just dig in. Since, if the liquid enters the Eustachian tube, then otitis can begin. Vasodilating drops are best used before bedtime, if the crumb is difficult to breathe.


In order not to exacerbate the situation,how to treat a runny nose in an infant, so as not to harm other organs. Sometimes, due to ignorance of certain aspects, parents make mistakes during self-treatment. For example, children under the age of one should not wash their noses with drugs "Salin", "Aqualor" and the like, as this can provoke inflammation of the middle ear.

than to treat a cold in children
It is not necessary to put on only on vasoconstrictivemeans and even more overdo it with them, since these drugs do not cure a runny nose. They help only temporarily to clear the nasal passages from mucus, and sometimes provoke swelling of the mucosa. In addition, after five days, habituation may develop.

Antihistamines should not be given unless it is clearly established that the child has allergic rhinitis. Than to treat a cold at children, the doctor will precisely tell.

Be vigilant about your children and nottest new means on them if your pediatrician has not prescribed such treatment for you. Nobody canceled the people's means, consult doctors and apply!

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