How to treat lichen in humans? Helpful Tips

than to treat a person's lichen
Most of us are sure that lichen isharmless disease. Moreover, we believe that it is most often observed among our smaller brothers, and allegedly has not the slightest relation to us. But is it? And what if the disease touched us directly? How to treat lichen in humans?

Friends, of course, our guesses about the fact thatOnly animals are deprived - this is a mistaken opinion! It is an infectious disease characterized by inflammation of the skin. Before we learn about how to treat lichen in humans, let's look at its forms.


It should be noted that the variety of lichen species in humans is simply amazing! That is why we will focus only on the most common forms of it.

  1. Pink zigzag lineage. From this disease women suffer in the autumn-spring period. It is usually associated with hypothermia and seasonal immune impairments. Externally, it is pink flaky spots on the skin.
  2. Ringworm. Its pathogens are viral fungi called trichophytons. Basically, they are affected by hair follicles (head, beard), characteristic of hair loss.
  3. Shingles. Its causative agent is the herpes virus. The skin in the area of ​​the rib cage and ribs is affected.
  4. Red flat lichen. There is a lesion of the mucous membranes and skin.

How to treat lichen in humans?

how to treat lichen in humans

First of all, you need to see a doctor(dermatologist), which will determine the type of disease. For this, a scraping from the affected area is done. Then the specialist will prescribe the appropriate treatment. It is productive and is the same for both adults and children, and even for pregnant women.

Than to treat lichen at the person? The ointments that the doctor will prescribe! Treatment of this disease is local in nature: the necessary ointments are rubbed into the foci of inflammation.

What means of depriving a person to choose? You can buy in the pharmacy ready-made ointments "Apit", "Irikar", etc., and you can use the ointment "Yam", prepared according to the prescription.

Attention! Before using these medications, read the accompanying instructions carefully. It clearly specifies age limits.

How to treat lichen in people with folk remedies?

  1. Ringworm can be removed by rubbing rye flour into the affected area, well sifted through nylon tissue.
  2. Regardless of the forms of depriving, you can rub the inflamed places with zest, cut in half.
  3. An excellent remedy in the fight against this disease is nicotine, which can be taken from the pipe of an inveterate smoker.
    a means of depriving a person
    They say the disease is already in a couple of days.
  4. Juice of red vinas can be lubricated with lichen otrubrious type.
  5. If you add juice of garlic to castor oil, then you can quite easily and effectively cure ringworm on the head of a person.

Who is at risk?

It is worth noting that in the risk group there may be someoneHowever, for example, ringworm infants suffer more often than others. This is due to the fact that during street walks they take on the hands of stray cats and dogs - the main peddlers of this infection. In addition, children worse than adults observe the rules of personal hygiene.

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