Forest balsam. A series of products of the dental line

A series of products of the dental line called "Forest Balsam" recently enjoys wide popularity. The funds of this line are used for preventive and curative purposes: to prevent gum disease and for their comprehensive treatment.

Diseases of the gums (inflammatory processes,bleeding) are currently found in more than 90% of the total population. This, of course, brings a lot of trouble to people and is the reason for looking for means of prevention and treatment of this ailment.

Products of the "Forest Balsam" series are produced inthe following forms: toothpaste, mouth rinse, balm-gel. These drugs are used in the treatment of diseases such as gingivitis - inflammation of the gums, periodontitis - tissue damage near non-inflammatory teeth, periodontitis - lesions of tissues with inflammatory processes. Dentists also recommend the use of drugs of this line after any dental procedures for preventive purposes. At the heart of all these products are natural plant components such as pine nut oil, fir and pine extracts, aloe juice, medicinal herbs: St. John's wort, yarrow, sage and others. To tell about the truly remarkable properties of these components, I think, it is not necessary. We have known each of them for a long time.

The means of this line can be used both daily for a long time, and periodically - with small courses if necessary.

Toothpaste "Forest Balm"

Has a beneficial effect both on the gums,and on enamel of a teeth, removing inflammatory processes. The result of its use is a reduction and complete "elimination" of bleeding, strengthening enamel. It is used as an ordinary toothpaste at least twice a day, preferably in the morning and before going to bed.

"Forest Balsam" - rinse

Balm has a healing and pain relieveraction, and also prevents various dental diseases. In addition, it has a harmful effect on various bacteria in the oral cavity, resulting in an unpleasant odor from the mouth. Method of application of the drug: it is used immediately after the procedure for cleaning the teeth (and after each, at least two times a day). The mouth is rinsed for at least one minute (preferably several). The solution is not swallowed. After rinsing it is advisable not to eat and drink for about one hour. The only thing to consider when applying this balm - it is not recommended for children under the age of seven.

The result of application of the drug is visible almost immediately: in a day or two there is a decrease in pain in the oral cavity, if any, puffiness, inflammation and bleeding disappear.

Another tool in this series is the gel "Forest Balm". It is easy to use, like other drugs in this series. It is applied to the affected areas of the oral cavity and distributed evenly. After lubrication, it is also recommended that a certain period of time not eat food and liquid.

A series of preparations "Forest Balm" in the presenttime is quite popular. The reviews using the above mentioned funds are practically only positive. Most of the following advantages of the drugs are noted: they are convenient in application, have a quick effect, are effective, relieve inflammation and pain, etc.

Well, those who have not yet received the drugs of this linesign, you can recommend them to use. The result should be like, because healthy teeth and gums are not only a beautiful smile, but also a good mood, and also a life without pain.

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