How to improve immunity at home? Several ways

How to improve immunity at home? This issue is becoming more and more relevant with the arrival of colds, when the body has to fight with infectious agents.

how to improve immunity at home
Of course, you can start drinking different medications inhope that the body's resistance will increase. But you can also try to improve immunity at home. This is not difficult, especially if you know the elementary elements of traditional medicine. What do moms do when children start sniffing? Correctly, acidify the body, give vitamin C. This is the main answer to the question of how to improve immunity at home. You can use teas and tinctures for these purposes. It enhances the immunity of tea from raspberry leaves in combination with currant jam. This drink is simply a storehouse of vitamin C and useful trace elements. But remember that drinking this tea is better with interruptions: two weeks to drink, and a week - a break. By the way, collecting leaves for tea is best in the second half of August, when the plant has accumulated a maximum of vitamins.

increase immunity at home

Another drink that will help you strengthenimmunity, - broth of wild rose. Yes, it's not everyone likes it, but it's the dog rose that has not just an acidifying, but a toning up effect on the body. They should not get involved, it's better to arrange breaks or alternate this remedy with others. For example, mors or tea with kalina, too, will be useful to everyone who is interested in how to improve immunity at home. In addition, viburnum is much more delicious than a dogrose. But this is not all of its usefulness. It is known that the organism best perceives those plants that are characteristic precisely for the latitudes of human habitation. Therefore, viburnum, black currant and dog rose - the ideal solution for our people. These funds are relatively inexpensive, but very effective.

How to improve immunity at home in other ways? Very simple!

to raise immunity at home
It is enough to abandon bad habits. Smoking, for example, not only increases the risk of cancer, but slowly but surely kills immunity. Simple refusal of cigarettes will help the body to fight infections much more effectively.

To raise immunity at home it is possible and withusing point massage. This is an ancient technique that came to Europe from Tibet. Tibetan monks are known for never wearing hats. At the same time, they practically do not get sick, but all because of the knowledge of acupuncture, or acupuncture. So, this is another answer to the question of how to raise immunity at home. For this, massage zones around the mouth, temples and forehead are recommended twice a day with light circular motions. But that's not all. Using the knowledge of acupressure, you can determine when the disease is just beginning to develop in the human body. To do this, squeeze the area between the thumb and forefinger on the arm. With a cold, even a slight pressure brings pain. However, if you continue this painful massage, the body's defenses are activated and the disease passes faster. This method can also be used as a prophylaxis for any colds.

In any case, all the measures described above are best used in the complex. Only then they will give the maximum effect.

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