Walnut balsam - preparation and use

To make a nut butter balm you needuse unripe walnut fruit. Usually they are harvested before the holiday of Ivan Kupala. But in each region, the timing of harvesting can differ, and therefore it is necessary to focus on the state of the fruit - they must be punctured with a match, just this maturity allows you to make a quality nut oil balm.

Once the nuts have been collected, they need to belay in the jar almost to the edge. To make it easier to navigate in the required number of fruits, you should know that a three-liter can contains about 1.5 kilograms of nuts. Then the entire contents of the can is filled with alcohol, which is previously diluted to 40 degrees. The bank is covered with a plastic lid, placed in a cool and dark place where it is insisted for three days. After this period, the bank is rolled up with a metal lid and placed in the dark for 3 weeks for the complete readiness of the product. Ready-made nut oil is bottled and stored in a refrigerator or cellar.

Those fruits that have remained are poured with honey andcover with a lid, the fermentation process takes place during the week. After the fermentation stops, the can is rolled up and hidden in a cool dark place for about two months. The state of the nuts will indicate the readiness of the product: they must become compressed and wrinkled. After that, the finished balsam nut is poured into a prepared container, and the nuts are discarded.

In some cases, the use of alcohol is notIt is recommended, for example, in the presence of epilepsy, as well as for admission by children. In such cases, you can prepare a honey-nut butter. Alcohol extraction is effective when expelling parasites from the body, as well as for external use during grinding. Honey balm well helps in the treatment of tumors, its effectiveness is not worse than in kerosene tincture.

To have the resulting balsam had even more healing properties, it can add tinctures of various herbs, depending on the diseases in which you will use the product.

Nut balm - recipe

To prepare this balsam, you canuse the following recipe: take 200 grams of young nuts and 50 grams of seams from ripe nuts, which are poured in half a liter of vodka and infused for about two weeks. 10 grams of dandelion root is well dried and added to the resulting solution, which is again infused for a week. After this period, the liquid is filtered and 20-30 grams of sugar is added. Everything, balm is ready for use.

Application of nut balm

These balms are used in the treatment of manydiseases, but still the most effective they are in diseases of the thyroid gland, which arise in connection with the insufficient amount of iodine in the food and water. The use of this tool helps regulate the work of endocrine glands, immunity is also strengthened, and the body is cleansed of parasites and wastes.

The course of treatment is two months, after whicha break is made for two weeks. Take balsam three times a day before meals in quantities of 1 tsp. When using nut balm to obtain a better effect, it is necessary to exclude yeast bread, animal proteins, various preservatives from the diet.

Contraindications to the use of balm

It is not recommended to take this medicationpregnant women, as well as those mothers who are breastfeeding. When taking balm you need to monitor the pressure, with its sudden changes you must decrease the dose taken.

Before taking any medicine, including nuts, you need to get a doctor's advice.

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