Pain in the back of the head: causes and treatment

Pain in the back of the head are a very unpleasant phenomenon. Particular difficulty is the establishment of the cause and location of localization. When an ailment occurs, a person may feel pinching in the areas of the shoulder girdle and occiput, the stiffness of the muscles in the back area. Painful sensations can have different intensity, amplifying at movement and calming down while resting.
The causes of pain in the nape are different.
One of them is cervical diseasespine, which includes spondylitis, osteochondrosis, dislocations of small intervertebral articulations, stretching. In such cases, the location of pain is in the neck and occiput, intensifying with the movement of the head.
The cause of the headache may be cervicalspondylosis. The disease occurs most often in people leading a sedentary lifestyle, as well as due to changes associated with age. The main symptoms are pain in the occipital part, in the shoulder girdle, in the ears and eyes, which can persist even when the position of the head is immobile. Painful sensations are characteristic at turns of a head because of limited mobility of a neck, during a dream it is difficult to pick up a convenient position.
Pain in the back of the head and shoulders can be causedcompression of the muscles of the cervical region. This happens with a long stay in an uncomfortable position, due to incorrect posture or exposure to a draft. The disease is expressed in the limitation of the motor functions of the shoulder region.
Especially strong throbbing pain in the back of the headcauses neuralgia of the occipital nerve, which is the result of diseases of the cervical vertebrae, osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis. The main localization of pain is the back of the neck, neck, there is recoil in the back, the lower jaw, the auricle. In this case, manifestations are worse when coughing, turning the head. When neuralgia is characterized by sharp paroxysmal pain, tearing and shooting, and in the intervals between attacks, pain constantly presses in the back of the head.
Another reason may bevertebrobasilar syndrome, which causes osteochondrosis of the cervical vertebra. In addition to occipital pain, there are sensations of rotation of space, nausea, vomiting, hearing and movement disorders, hiccups, bifurcation in the eyes.
A frequent cause, sometimes causing severe pain in thenape, is a prolonged muscle strain with improper exercise or long standing in an uncomfortable position. In such cases, there is a lasting sensation of heaviness in the occiput and frontal part of the head, which increases with prolonged work in a fixed position, for example, reading, working at a computer, heavy physical exertion. In this case, there are constricting purifications of the presence of fake headgear, tenderness and tension of the occiput muscles, and other areas of the head, as well as the posterior surface of the neck. Painful sensations do not have acute attacks, but they increase with muscular pressure, dizziness and tinnitus are possible.
To get rid of the pain in the back of the head, inFirst of all, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease that causes them. To remove or alleviate the symptoms, you can also use some folk remedies.

Calming the pain in the back of the head will help an enema with warm water. After all, the ailment is often associated with the deposition of toxins in the intestines, which is thus purified.
To alleviate the pain is capable of warm ghee oil, which must be instilled in the nasal apertures.
Before going to bed, the pain syndrome will help to remove the foot and head massage.
If the pain does not cease for a long time, it is necessary to apply a paste of nutmeg, previously mashed (powder) and moistened with water to the forehead. Pain must retreat.

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