Why is the thumb on the leg numb?

Quite a lot of people constantly complain that,that they regularly numb the big toe. It should be noted that this problem causes a lot of unpleasant sensations to a person, because paresthesia can be accompanied not only by a kind of tingle, but also by constriction, chilliness, burning of the skin. In this regard, we propose to understand, because of what the thumb on the leg is numb.

numb the thumb

Possible reasons

1. In most cases, this problem occurs against the background of a short-term compression of the nerve end (for example, in the process of wearing uncomfortable shoes). If the reason that you have numb the finger on your left foot (or on the right) are too tight shoes or shoes, then you do not have to go to the doctor. To eliminate the trouble, you just need to change your uncomfortable shoes.

2. In some cases, after the patient complains that his thumb is regularly numb on his leg, doctors diagnose various diseases associated with the vertebral column, or more precisely, with his lumbar spine. For example, the intervertebral hernia can be the obvious cause of this phenomenon. This is because, as education develops, it begins to press on the nerve endings, and this subsequently causes tissue spasm in the form of numbness of the fingers on the lower limbs.

the finger on the left leg was numb

3. Osteochondrosis. Such a disease has many different symptoms, one of which is the numbness of the fingers. To make the correct diagnosis, you must always take an X-ray, and then consult a doctor.

4. Quite often numb the thumb on the leg due to the development of vascular disease and veins of the lower extremities. In this case, the blood flow is disturbed, and atherosclerotic plaques appear. Subsequently, it can cause a feeling of tingling and numbness. With this problem, you should immediately consult a phlebologist.

5. Infringement of nerve endings (including sciatic nerve), due to which there is numbness in the fingers, can occur due to radiculitis or sciatica.

6. Gout. With this disease, blood circulation is severely impaired, which further contributes to the deposition of uric acid salts. In severe and neglected cases, patients can complain that they have numb the toe, and not even one, but several or even all.


the toe is numb

To get rid of this symptom, you shouldnecessarily to address to the doctor-neuropathologist. He will establish the true cause of regular numbness, and only then will prescribe medication. It should be noted that it should only be complex. In this case, you need to apply gels, ointments, medications, as well as therapeutic massage, daily gymnastics, water procedures and the right diet. In addition, as a treatment, a course of vitamins and minerals (iron, calcium, etc.) can be suggested that will help restore blood flow and eliminate the existing problem. In more neglected cases, it is necessary to resort to surgical intervention.

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