Lymphatic drainage massage: reviews, types, effect

Lymph plays an important role in the human body: it promotes the return of proteins, water and electrolytes to the blood from the intercellular space. In addition, it removes from the tissues the pathogenic microorganisms that have settled in them, accumulated toxins and decomposition products. With a current of lymph they enter the lymph nodes, where they are disinfected (for this reason, lymph nodes and become inflamed during illness). Thus, the immunity of a person directly depends on the state of the lymphatic system.

With a sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, andalso some diseases of the lymph drainage can be disturbed, there are swelling. In this case, limfodrenazhny massage will come to the rescue: the reviews say that it significantly improves the condition of the body. External indications for its carrying out are varicose veins, puffiness, pronounced cellulite. With reduced immunity, diseases of the digestive tract and genitourinary system, metabolic disorders, manual or hardware lymph drainage massage can also be recommended. Patients' comments indicate improvement after this procedure, general health, reduction of headaches and edema, weight loss, increased immunity. The person feels much more cheerful: there is a feeling of lightness, long-term weakness and chronic fatigue.

Hand lymphodrainage massage, in contrast toclassical, performed quite slowly and smoothly, rhythmic movements. They are directed along the path of lymph flow: this is extremely important. This kind of massage can be both cosmetic and therapeutic. The most famous techniques for manual lymphatic drainage massage are Vodder and Pascal Koshu.

Technique of Hans Vodder lymphatic drainage massagewas developed by this Danish doctor in the first half of the twentieth century. Initially, Vodder drew attention to the relationship between diseases and inflamed lymph nodes. As a result of many years of research, he created a technique of specific massage of the lymphatic system, which helps improve the outflow of lymph from tissues to the heart. According to Vodder, it is performed by three-phase short unhurried movements with limited amplitude, pads of fingers.

During the first phase, a slightlyjogging in the direction of the lymph node, during the second - away from him, in the third - return to the starting point. The first two phases are performed with little effort and stretching the skin, the latter without them. Under the influence of these movements, small lymphatic vessels open, expel lymph and close again. This technique involves the use of other massage techniques - "rotational", which involves not the pads of the fingers, but the wrist of the masseur; "Soviet" (it is performed simultaneously with four fingers); "Pumping" (performed by a "fork" between the first and second-fifth fingers). However, at the heart of each of them lie the same three-phase motions. This lymph drainage massage (reviews about it excellent) can be combined with a regular massage. He perfectly copes with edema caused by varicose veins.

Lymphatic drainage massage for Koshu is indispensable forcosmetological problems, in particular, with severe cellulite, as well as swelling of the legs. The procedure for carrying it on the lower limbs includes three main methods: "lymph pushing" (jerky movements), "strengthening of the lymph flow" (roll of the palm from the base to the fingers), "withdrawal of lymph" (rollback in the opposite direction). Pascal Kosh also developed a special method of facial massage. It is extremely effective, but its technique is rather complicated: only a competent specialist can perform such lymphodrainage massage qualitatively. Reviews say that it provides an instant lifting effect.

There is another type of this procedure - itis carried out on a special equipment that can affect the patient's body with the help of microcurrents, vacuum or specially calculated pressure (pressotherapy). However, many choose precisely its manual version, considering it more effective.

Those who are going to make an appointment for lymph drainagemassage, hardware or manual, it should be remembered that it is categorically contraindicated in thrombophlebitis, pregnancy, infectious and skin diseases. In any case, before using it, consult a doctor.

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