list of medicines for beneficiaries, a list of free medicines for beneficiaries,

Medicines for people in need

In our country the list is updated every year.medicines for beneficiaries. Work is constantly being done on it, and this practice is universal. To provide these drugs to those in need of a state budget, a certain amount is allocated, which is calculated every year based on the country's capabilities.

Preferential drugs in 2012
For 2012, authorities reported that for a fullmore than 26 billion rubles will be allocated for the provision of medicines, which includes a list of medicines for beneficiaries, and also for curative products for disabled children. All this is done to provide all patients with needing drugs, so important for their lives.

This year, the list of freemedicines for beneficiaries. Those drugs that used to be free of charge remained so, but about twenty-five new names were added to them. Each year the list is adjusted based on the needs of the patients. In the coming year, a list of medicines for beneficiaries is represented by a fairly wide choice. This can not but please people who need these medicines.

The entire list of preferential medicines for disabled people can be viewed on the official website of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, it can be downloaded and, if necessary, always at hand.

Availability of medicines
But not everything is so rosy and nice in the work of thisprograms. Sometimes there are interruptions in the supply of medicines. And those that are on the list, people can not find. To prevent such situations, more than seventy pharmacies have been appointed by the authority in the city of Moscow, whose task is to supply drugs on the list of preferential medicines for the disabled to pharmacy kiosks located in polyclinics.

The fact that there are cases whenthe drug related to the preferential category is in the pharmacy, but at a reduced price it is not for sale. So, having come to the given drugstore, the invalid should buy a preparation at the full price which is high enough. Not every citizen can afford such a purchase. That is, on the free sale of the required medicines, and for the privileged category of residents they are absent. Or drugs do come, but wait more than two months, or even more, to wait for them.

On average for a privileged category of citizens per monthis allocated about six hundred rubles for the purchase of drugs, and this year the authorities promised an increase of this amount by almost three hundred rubles. People living in remote regions of the country often choose monetary compensation instead of drugs. This is due to the fact that the required drugs have to wait almost a fortnight, and they are not always available.

In the list of free medicines for beneficiariesabout 400 names have been included, which include drugs for the treatment of heart diseases, blood vessels, esophagus, bile ducts, liver, kidneys, for the normalization of metabolism, musculoskeletal system and other diseases. Also included are laxatives, vitamins, antimicrobial and antifungal agents, antiseptics and such important in our time drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis, diabetes, HIV infection, hepatitis C.

List of medicines for beneficiaries constantlycorrected and replenished. The state takes care of its residents and tries to maximally alleviate the living conditions of the disabled and the privileged category of citizens. This practice is conducted not only in the Russian Federation, but all over the world. Due to this, people suffering from serious diseases can receive free medications that help them maintain life.

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