Headache in a child. Main reasons

Headaches in children are quite common. They can be different: aching, pressing, pulsating, compressing or, conversely, bursting. Occur usually at any time of day. Headache in a child, as well as in adults, is one-sided or two-sided. As a rule, it is one of the symptoms of the following diseases.

1. Change in intracranial pressure, which can be increased or decreased. The former is much more common.

child's headache
The reason for the increased pressure isintracranial fluid, due to the increase in the amount of which, the brain vessels are pinched. The result of such an impact is a child's headache. Some children may even have seizures.

Under reduced pressure, it is observed directlythe opposite situation: the amount of cerebrospinal fluid (intracranial fluid) is reduced. In this case, the vessels, as well as the shells of the brain stretch. In such a situation, the child's headache is of a different nature.

2. The presence of infection in the body. This is the most commoncause. Some diseases start to manifest themselves with painful sensations in the head region. It can be sore throat, acute respiratory viral infection or influenza. In this case, the child's headache is not the only symptom. The baby has drowsiness, weakness, chills, loss of appetite and general condition worsens.

3. Overexertion of the optic nerve. With this diagnosis, headaches are poorly treated with anesthetics. To remove them, it is sufficient to reduce or completely limit the load on the eyesight.

headaches in children

4. Inflammation of the membranes and substances of the brain. It's about meningitis and encephalitis. In the first case, the disease is accompanied by severe headaches, vomiting, fear of sunlight. In this case, the child needs medical help from paramedics.

With encephalitis, very high fever, convulsions, vomiting, impaired consciousness, and joint pain can occur.

Unfortunately, after recovery, serious consequences often remain.

5. Tumors of the brain. Parents often turn to medicalan institution for fear of this particular diagnosis. Headache in the first stage of the disease is the only symptom. But it usually does not pass during the day and is additionally accompanied by vomiting.

Also, the headache can be caused by trauma, an earache or a toothache.

In any case, self-medication is not worth it. If the pain does not go away within an hour, the baby should be shown to a specialist (neurologist,

the child has a headache
otolaryngologist and ophthalmologist). Before the examination of the doctor, you can give the child antipyretic drugs, for example, the drug "Paracetamol" or "Nurofen", strictly observing the dosage indicated in the instructions.

Also, if the child has a headache,eliminate any burden (mental or physical). A good remedy is sleep, especially in the fresh air. If this is not possible, you can simply ventilate the room. To relieve pain a little, it is worth massaging the child's whiskey with your fingers, and putting a hot or warm compress on your forehead.

As a sedative, you can use decoctions of herbs or add to tea chamomile, mint, lime, lemon balm or oregano.

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