Hepatic colic. Why it appears and what to do.

Biliary or otherwise, hepatic colic, manifests itselfin the form of bouts of severe pain in the region of the right rib. A person who at least once experienced such a condition, understands how much this unbearable pain. In severe cases, the patient may experience paroxysmal pain for several days. Therefore, if there was a hepatic colic, first aid should be quick and skillful.

Why does it arise? Causes may be violations in the outflow of bile, blockage of the bile ducts with stones, resulting from a spasm of smooth muscle ducts. Usually this is a consequence of the discrenosis of the bile ducts, chronic acalculous cholecystitis or cholelithiasis. When hepatic colic occurs, severe pain can occur both in the right hypochondrium, and return to the blade on the right side or shoulder. More often people start treatment too late. Therefore, it is necessary to know that as soon as a person begins to appear daily bitterness in the mouth in the mornings or throughout the day, these are the first messengers of problems with the gall bladder and liver. If you give up such signals of the body with a hand, the next symptom, which he will make himself felt, will be hepatic colic.

Treatment, if you start it on time, will allowkeep the situation under control. You will need the angelica root, leaves of birch and nettles, corn stigmas, hips and thistles, mint, oregano, yarrow, wormwood, St. John's wort, croissant, basilisk, tansy, calendula and immortelle. All these herbs are crushed and mixed thoroughly. Brew, infuse and take for a month. An ideal remedy for the prevention of such a disease as hepatic colic. Treatment of the most diverse types of etiology, biliary tract, gallbladder and liver is carried out with the help of this effective folk remedy. The collection helps to remove bile pigments and toxins from the body, has anti-inflammatory, antiallergic and antispasmodic effects.

If no preventiveit was accepted, suddenly and abruptly can begin hepatic colic. First aid begins with an immediate emergency call. The patient in no case should not walk and try to move as little as possible, since this is fraught with attacks of nausea and vomiting. Vomit contains bile. The temperature rises and pain increases. Immediately place the patient on the bed and give him an anesthetic. You can give just a few papaverine tablets or no-shpy, validol on the tongue. No more doing anything without examining the doctor. Carefully follow the patient's condition.

After the attack has passed, the patientBed rest will be needed. First of all, to again not appear liver cramps, you need to carefully review your diet. From it you should remove fatty fish, fatty meat, caviar, liver, brains and egg yolks. All foods that contain maximum cholesterol. Required fractional power. No spirits, even in small quantities. The best way to improve your health will be a regular visit to the steam bath. And before you go there, make the next infusion. Flowers of sandy immortelle pour boiling water, the thermos is ideal. Take it with you and use the infusion between the turns in the steam room.

If there was hepatic colic and pain in the areaabdomen last too long, sometimes more than five to six hours, which means that surgical intervention is necessary. To prevent this condition, consume a minimum of foods with a high cholesterol content. Doctors say that it is for this reason that this condition arises. And therefore, it is recommended to find and eliminate the cause of its occurrence in order to get rid of the pain.

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