Preparation "Progepar": instructions for use

progepar instructions for use
A drug called "Progepar" is an instruction forapplication is characterized as a drug specifically designed to preserve and restore the structure of hepatocytes. In addition, this agent effectively regenerates a part of the parenchyma that has undergone destruction and inhibits the formation of connective tissue in the liver. An increase in diuresis is also provided by the preparation "Progepar". Instructions for use notes and the ability of this drug to stimulate local blood flow in the liver tissue and significantly improve the functional characteristics of the liver.

Features of the medicinal composition


This preparation is produced in the form of ovaldragee of dark brown color. The composition of this drug as the main components include hepatic extract of cattle N in a volume of seventy milligrams, L-cysteine ​​hydrochloride in the volume of just over twenty-one milligrams, as well as one hundred milligrams of hydrochlorene tartrate and 25 milligrams of myo-inositol. In the role of additional substances are cetyl palmitate, silica, wheat flour granules, magnesium stearate, high-viscosity paraffin, lactose, gelatin and talc. The composition of the shell of this medication includes simethicone, glucose syrup, hypromellose, medical charcoal, triethyl citrate, sucrose, polishing agent and carmellose sodium. In addition, the preparation "Progepar" contains titanium dioxide, brown and red iron oxides, high gloss wax and glycolic wax. Also in a small amount there are dyes E132 and indigocarmine blue.

List of indications for use

Use tablets "Progepar" instruction forapplication in the first place advises in the complex treatment of fatty liver disease, hepatopathy of various genesis and chronic forms of hepatitis. In addition, this drug has a pronounced protective and supportive therapeutic effect for medicinal intoxications and during special courses of therapy with cytostatics. With radiation sickness, toxic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis and psoriasis, there is also a significant improvement due to this drug. This is evidenced by experts and people who previously took the remedy "Progepar", reviews. The price of this medicine is an average of one and a half thousand rubles, and you can buy it today in almost every pharmacy.

progepar reviews

Dosage regimen

Take the drug "progepart" specialistsadvise three times a day for one or two pills. In this case, tablets can not be chewed, but should be swallowed whole. As for the duration of therapy, it is determined individually on the basis of medical studies.

Basic Contraindications

Use the medicine "Progepar" instruction forapplication prohibits in the event of a person having an allergic reaction to any of the main or auxiliary elements that are contained in its composition. In addition, this drug is not prescribed for patients who have not reached the age of eighteen.

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