Pink lichen. Causes of appearance, symptoms, treatment

Pink lichen has another name - Zhibera's disease. This skin disease has an infectious-allergic nature. It appears in the form of spots that spread on the skin.

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Pink lichen. Causes of appearance

The disease occurs as a result of bacterial orvirus infection. In this case, the spots appear as a reaction of the body to stimuli. In addition, respiratory diseases, such as influenza, are often the cause. The infection itself only provokes the appearance of an allergy, which later develops independently.

How does pink lichen

Recognize the disease is simple enough. The spots have a round or oval shape and a pink color. At first they are very small, then start to grow. In the end, they reach a size of one to two centimeters. Pink lichen (the reasons for its appearance may be different) initially manifests as one big plaque. It is called maternal. It is the largest and can reach five centimeters. In addition, it can be recognized by a bright color. The maternal stain is on the skin for a week. After that, other spots of smaller size start to appear. They can gradually cover the entire surface of the skin. Pink lichen in humans usually occurs between the ages of 20 and 40 years. It has a chronic form with periods of improvement and exacerbation. Relapses occur in autumn and spring.

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Pink lichen (the causes of appearance need to be clarifiednecessarily) must be treated under the supervision of a doctor. Initially, an examination is carried out and the nature of the disease is determined. An experienced doctor will easily determine the type of disease.

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Pink lichen (the causes of appearance can be andbacterial, and infectious) is treated easily and has no complications. According to many modern dermatologists, active therapy is not required at all. The disease passes, as a rule, independently. At the same time, there are no traces left on the skin. The patient is recommended to follow a diet. It excludes all products that can cause allergies or irritate the gastrointestinal tract: alcoholic beverages, salted, smoked, pickled, strong tea, coffee, chocolate. During the period of illness a person should refrain from water procedures, as this promotes the spread of spots on the skin. It is strictly forbidden to visit the bath, rub with a washcloth or a hard towel. Linen and clothing, adjacent to the body, should be made of cotton. Wool and synthetics irritate the skin and complicate the situation.

During periods of exacerbation of pink lichen are formedlarge foci throughout the body. In this case, the patient is prescribed antibiotics and antiallergic drugs. In addition, local treatment is very effective with various shaking suspensions of water and oil, creams containing hormones of the adrenal cortex. It is very important to detect the disease in time and begin treatment. In this case, the spots will not spread throughout the body. Thus, recovery will come very quickly. As practice shows, patients easily tolerate the disease at any age.

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