Treatment of osteochondrosis of the spine

Osteochondrosis of the spine is a disease that is caused by destruction of cartilaginous and bone tissues of all parts of the spine to varying degrees.

Usually at the time of disease progressionthe spinal disc significantly changes the central part, or, as they say, the "gelatinous nucleus". For this reason, the vertebra begins to lose some of its damping properties, and cracks and thinning begin to form on the fibrous ring.

If treatment of the osteochondrosis of the spine is not carried out on time, the disease can bring quite serious complications, up to the limited possibilities of mobility of the trunk.

Many people often suffer from back pain,and the reason for this in 75% of cases is precisely this disease. The older the person, the greater the risk of osteochondrosis. And while it is one of the most common, since every second person who crosses the threshold of the thirties, begins to suffer it.

The causes of vertebral osteochondrosis arethe following. Some traumas could be transferred, or often loads were placed on the back during hard physical work, or the person worked a lot under conditions of constant vibration. If the symptoms manifest earlier than the specified time, then there is a possibility that it is caused by very weak physical development, the presence of excess weight, or flat foot is present. Also inflicting severe damage to the health of the spine is intensive training in the gym, if there is a constant disruption of load distribution on the back. Malnutrition and sedentary lifestyle also strongly affect morbidity.

Osteochondrosis of the spine has symptoms quitetypical. As a rule, this aching, incessant pain in the back, in the affected part of the spine can be observed numbness, greatly reduced the amplitude of movements. If there is a lifting of the heaviness, the pain may increase, pain symptoms are also noted during sudden movement or during coughing and sneezing.

If you do not treat osteochondrosisspine, the disease can cause rapid and increased fatigue. The discs of the spine can pinch the nerves - and then there are sharp, shooting pains. Often, pain can be given to the limbs.

On whether or not treatment was undertakenosteochondrosis, the stage of the disease depends. In the first stage of pain, as a rule, almost not felt, only a malaise. When there are pains of different intensity, you can already judge the second stage of the disease. The third stage, as a rule, is characterized by quite significant deformations of the vertebral tissue. Absence or improper treatment of the osteochondrosis of the spine can lead to more severe consequences, such as, for example, massive bone enlargement, severe mobility restriction and even paralysis of the limbs.

When treating this disease widelyBoth surgical and conservative methods are used. The goal of all methods is to eliminate all pain symptoms as effectively as possible, and also to prevent possible further deformation progression. Ointments for the treatment of osteochondrosis are also used quite widely. On average, the treatment lasts about two months. Do not be afraid if at first there will be some increase in pain, this is a normal reaction to therapeutic intervention. Simultaneously with the use of ointments, it is recommended to do a massage. To a great extent help hood, manual therapy and reflexology.

Do not forget that the effectiveness of any treatment depends entirely on the systematic nature of the procedures performed, as well as on the patient's persistence in their implementation.

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