Effective treatment of mosquito bites: highlights

Who among us does not like summer, when it's warm outside,can you walk a lot and swim on the river? However, one can not fail to notice one overshadowing factor: various insects that wake up, which sometimes cause considerable discomfort, wake up. It is not surprising that during the warming period, the treatment of mosquito bites becomes very topical. It is always pleasant to get out on the nature, to take a walk in the forest. But what if after such walks the whole body becomes covered with red spots and itchs?

remedy for itching after mosquito bites

Treatment of mosquito bites: ABC truths

Currently on the shelves of shops and pharmaciesyou can find a huge number of different means designed to protect against attack by insects. In most cases this is not enough, because a few itchy spots will always remain on your body after a wonderful walk. Of course, you will have to show endurance: the desire to scratch the place of the bite will haunt you everywhere, but you can not do it categorically. In order to alleviate the situation, it is recommended to buy any medication from the itch in the pharmacy after mosquito bites. As a rule, in the composition of such creams or gelsThere is menthol or eucalyptus, which provides a cooling effect akin to freezing. For lack of a miracle drug, you can use ice cubes. Apply them to the gauze or napkin to avoid frostbite.

allergy to mosquito bites treatment
Allergy to mosquito bites. Treatment

Often insects become carriersvarious diseases, often their bites cause negative consequences. If more and more red spots appear after the bite, which increase in size, swell and strongly itch, then we can talk about the presence of an allergic reaction. In this case, local treatment of mosquito bites is accompanied by antiallergic drugs, for example, such as Tavegil or Suprastin. However, it is best to seek medical advice, because such a high sensitivity of the body to the effects of external aggressors suggests a significant reduction in immune defense and weakness of the body. Therefore, most likely, it is necessary to spend on drink a qualitative vitamin complex. In addition, a separate

treatment of mosquito bites
attention should be paid to your own diet: to exclude fried and abundantly seasoned dishes, replacing them with fresh vegetables and fruits. In the mornings, it is advisable to drink green tea or freshly squeezed juice.

Treatment of mosquito bites with traditional medicine

Adherents of non-traditional methods of eliminationThe ailment is categorically opposed to tablets and pills, giving preference to herbs and other natural products. Indeed, there are many effective recipes that can help in this situation. For example, the place of bite should be regularly wiped with a solution of baking soda. Among herbal decoctions, parsley, calendula and plantain are very popular. Some patients simply smear red spots with green or alcohol, thus drying the wound. If you did not find anything described above in your home medicine cabinet, and you need to act immediately, the well-known "Asterisk" balm will do. He will quickly relieve the feeling of itching and burning and will let you forget about the problem.

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