Liquid magnesium for hands: description, application features and reviews

Sport is becoming more and more popular,it enters into the life of many people, it is difficult to give up employment (and it is not necessary). Whatever type of sport is - mountaineering, powerlifting, other kinds - it should be safe. In the first, a particularly important role is played by the hands. It depends on them whether the climber is safe. Also, it's easy to hurt your hands, grabbing something. For the safety of the hands of athletes and developed liquid magnesia. It is much more convenient to use than chalk or talc.

What is liquid magnesium?

This is a special cream. They are many athletes, not only climbers, grease the palms or completely the entire surface of the hands. Liquid magnesia is designed for the safety of the athlete. It is sold in tubes, which is very convenient - you can put it in the pocket of a sports uniform. Magnesia has a consistency of the cream, it is easily distributed over the skin. Convenience lies in the fact that the tube is easy to open, being at a height.

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How does it work?

Magnesia liquid sports developed withpossible loads. It is evenly distributed over the skin, protecting it from moisture, improves adhesion to the pylon. Magnesia prevents sweating on the palms, which is the main safety criterion. Hands completely enveloped by the means, quickly dry out, its actions last for a long time. Magnesia, absorbing skin fat, can significantly increase the friction between the fingers of the athlete and the projectile. This increases the speed of the athlete's progress, his safety.

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Application features

Liquid magnesia, in contrast to powdered, verycompact and convenient. It's easy to take with you to the sports hall, so that from time to time, if necessary, lubricate her hands. Previously, climbers had to carry a bag of dry (powdered) magnesia. With the advent of the liquid form of magnesia, this need has disappeared. The action of liquid magnesium is much longer than powdered magnesium, there is no need to so often lubricate her hands. When practicing in the gym it is very practical to have liquid magnesium. From the powder are dusty tracks, you can dirty the mat. Liquid magnesia differs in that it leaves no residue on clothing and machine tools.

Liquid magnesia is impractical to use inclimbing on long routes. The fact is that you have to wait a few minutes until it is completely absorbed and dried. And this is excluded at high altitudes and long distances, even more so if the route passes at speed.

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The Benefits of Magnesia

Liquid magnesium for hands contains magnesium. It is able to be absorbed into the blood through the pores on the skin, thereby bringing additional benefit to the body. But the percentage of absorbency is very low, so you are unlikely to feel practical benefit.

Many believe that magnesia containscalcium, which is very useful for nail growth. Liquid magnesia is used by some people as a means for nails. We hasten to grieve all - in magnesia there is no calcium. The whole point is that the greatest minds up to the eighteenth century confused magnesia and lime. In the lime contains a lot of calcium, but in magnesia there is none at all.

Many will want to argue about this, citingIn the example of the nails of rock climbers. Yes, these guys have really perfect healthy nails, but this is not related to the use of magnesia. They, without knowing it, nail their nails with the help of rock, which contains many useful substances, including calcium.

On this basis, it is worth concluding that liquid magnesium does not benefit the body.

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Harm from liquid magnesia

Do not assume that if magnesium does not bringbenefit, it should not be harmful. Harm it just does. The first is overdrying the skin. Magnesia has the property of absorbing skin fat, which leads to the drying of the hands. Many athletes who are forced to steadily use magnesia, suffer the most. From the drying out of the skin, visible cracks and microdamages may appear. When water or some kind of water gets into your hands, itching and burning are felt.

After using not only liquidmagnesia for pylon, but also dry, hands should be thoroughly washed with soap to completely get rid of it. After washing, the skin needs to be lubricated with a special balm or simple fat cream.

Magnesia is a powerful allergen. Reaction to it can be manifested by tearing, runny nose, reddening of the skin, rashes. Many athletes are faced with this phenomenon.

Liquid magnesia is not as harmful as powdered. The latter is able to penetrate the lungs, especially in closed rooms, where many use such a tool. This powder can be detrimental to health, hammering the lungs, making breathing difficult. In the halls it is better to use liquid magnesium and recommend it to use to other athletes.

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Where to buy liquid magnesium?

In various stores that specializeon sale of the sports goods and stock, it is on sale also magnesia liquid. Moscow and the region are literally packed with such shops, as sports in this city are very popular. If you need some special magnesia, then you can find it in online stores.

In what form is sold magnesia?

Liquid magnesia can be purchased already in readyform, it is sold in convenient tubes. It will stand differently, depending on the brand and characteristics. With a minimal smell and ultra-fast drying, this magnesium will cost more than five hundred rubles per tube.

You can save, as many athletes do,which steadily buy magnesia. Powders for the preparation of suspension, balls are much cheaper than their finished counterpart. You can use an empty package of creams, there to build magnesium. Such a powder costs from five to thirty rubles, depending on the mass.

There is liquid magnesium for one-time use,it is sold in ampoules. This option is suitable for those who are not sure whether to continue to play sports, but only decided to try. Indeed, why buy a whole package, which in the future will no longer come in handy? Or the second option - you came to class, and the magnesia was forgotten at home. It is also better to buy a single dose.

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Liquid Magnesia: Feedback

There are many opinions about liquid magnesia. Basically they write that it is really convenient to use, much more compact and reliable than powder. Many who decided to change dry magnesia for liquid, do not regret their choice. In any case, as some professional sportsmen write, you need to have not only liquid, but also dry magnesia in stock. Dry it is more convenient to use at long distances in rock climbing.

There are those who are dissatisfied with this form of magnesia. It is written that she smells strongly of alcohol, terribly pulls off the skin of her hands. Basically, such people prefer the use of a powder version, in the old-fashioned way.

Athletes or ordinary lovers sometimes climbon the climbing wall, suffering from allergies, note that it is better to use liquid magnesium. It reacts less, and from the dry eyes tears begin to flow.

Manufacturers have learned to adapt tocustomer opinions, so they are developing more and more new tools. Relieved to the maximum liquid magnesium from the unpleasant odor of alcohol, added various colorants. For girls, created a special liquid magnesia, painted in pink.

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