Symptom of renal colic: how to recognize this disease?

The first place among diseases of organs,flowing with acute pain in the lumbar region, is renal colic. Symptoms, first aid before the arrival of doctors and what is actually a disease, will be discussed in this article.

symptom of renal colic

So, the attack of renal colic begins because ofsuddenly encountered an obstacle to the outflow of urine. Most often this is a consequence of urolithiasis, when the stones show mobility and are infringed in different parts of the duct. This mainly occurs in the lowest part of the ureter, where it enters the bladder and has the narrowest lumen. Sometimes, renal colic occurs due to blockage of this organ. This can be caused by a fragment of a kidney tumor or a blood clot. It also takes place if the ureter obstructs the neoplasm of the neighboring organ. With a wandering (lowered) kidney, a colic attack occurs due to an inflection of the outgoing path. Usually this occurs when a person is in an upright position, and passes quickly enough if he lies down. Most often, the symptom of renal colic begins after physical stress, prolonged walking or jolting.

How to recognize that the emerging ailment isconsequence of problems with this body? Symptom of renal colic can manifest as acute, very intense raspiruyuschaya pain that occurs in one of the blocked kidneys and localized in the lower back. If, for example, a stone stands between the upper and middle third of the ureter, then the sensations will be given to the navel and the lower abdomen. If it is located below, the recoil occurs in the groin, in the genitals and the inner surface of the thigh. Another symptom of renal colic: pain spreads throughout the stomach or "noises" in the epigastric region. Sensations can be constant, but periodically weaken and intensify.

renal colic in men symptoms

The next symptom of renal colic ispainful and frequent urination, as well as false desires to it. In addition, the ailment can be accompanied by reflex manifestations from the digestive organs: bloating, vomiting, retention of gases and stools. And the pain and vomiting will appear simultaneously. If first there are rez, and after a while nausea, then this refers to intestinal obstruction. There is absolutely nothing to do with kidney colic. In men, the symptoms are somewhat different than in women. If the last pain sensations occur on the surface of the thigh and labia, the first - on the abdomen and scrotum.

renal colic symptoms first aid

What should be the first aid for thisailment? First, you should call an ambulance. Prior to her arrival, the patient should be given an antispasmodic drug, best of all, if it is an injection of one of the following drugs: Baralgin, Spazgan, Papaverine Hydrochloride, Spazmalgon or Baralgetas. Also, a person suffering from a kidney rabbit, you can give a tongue a tablespoon of cognac, make a hot bath or put a heating pad on the lumbar region. In addition, the spontaneous release of stones contributes to bed rest. The attack of renal colic can as quickly disappear as it begins. After him, perhaps, small stones will be removed from the urine. And even if the attack has passed the patient, he should make a visit to the doctor and undergo an appropriate examination.

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