Antifungal preparation "Triderm": instructions for use

A tool called "Triderm" instructioncharacterizes as a combined antifungal drug, which has a pronounced antibacterial, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, this drug combines vasoconstrictor and antipruritic properties, and also has a wide range of usefulness. Having a characteristic bactericidal effect, this combined preparation provides a rapid elimination of secondary and primary bacterial skin infections.

triderm instructions

As for the pharmacokineticsAnti-inflammatory drug "Triderm" (the instruction to it about it also testifies), at the heart of it there is narrowing of small vessels and an obstacle to process of allocation in a fabric of so-called "mediators of an inflammation": bradikininov, histamine and cytokines. In addition, this antibacterial drug disrupts the production of protein necessary for the full vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms, and the synthesis of such a structural substance as ergosterol entering the cell membrane of fungi.

Description of the preparation

triderm instructions for use
Antimycotic medicine "Triderm"(the instruction to it is in each package) in the form of a cream and in the form of an ointment. The composition of these agents as active ingredients include betamethasone dipropionate, gentamicin sulfate and clotrimazole. The cream further comprises white paraffin, mineral oil, propylene glycol, phosphoric acid, polyethylene glycol cetostearyl ether, benzyl alcohol, sodium dihydrogenphosphate dihydrate and cetostearyl alcohol. In addition, a small amount of it contains purified water and sodium hydroxide. The composition of the ointment as auxiliary substances include mild paraffin and mineral oil.

Scope of use

Use an anti-inflammatory drug"Triderm" instructions for use mainly recommend people suffering from superficial fungal diseases of the skin, which are provoked by yeast fungi and dermatophytes. For example, this combined preparation very well helps with inguinal epidermophyte, mycosis of the feet and pityriasis.

tridermus instructions reviews

People with chronic and acute formsinflammatory skin diseases complicated by a fungal or bacterial infection caused by susceptible microbes, also recommends the use of ointment or cream "Triderm" instruction. The testimonies at the same time testify to the good results of the use of this antifungal agent by patients of different age groups.

Adverse Reactions

Using a cream or ointment "Triderm", alwaysremember that applying this antibacterial agent to the skin can trigger the appearance of itching, burning sensation, dryness or acne. In addition, such reactions as pigmentation, erythema, hyperemia and exudation can be observed. Skin atrophy, hypertrichosis, maceration of the skin and local edema are also periodically noted due to the use of the drug Triderm. The instruction also indicates the risk of developing folliculitis, perioral dermatitis, urticaria and sweating.

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