If the bones on the legs grow, what should I do?

Small and beautiful female legs alwayswere considered one of the standards of beauty. Remember, for example, the fairy tale "Cinderella". Narrow, neat foot at the girl means her refinement and a special femininity. But, unfortunately, in our time, more often in the fair sex far from the elderly, there are symptoms of deformities of the feet. It's not very beautiful when the bones on the legs grow near the thumb, do not they? It becomes problematic to choose elegant shoes, and the gait will not be so easy. Why does the curvature of the foot occur, and is it possible to eliminate it? This article will discuss the causes of the disease and the methods of treatment.

bones on the legs grow

The main complaints when the bones on the feet appear and grow

You have noticed redness or irritation on the skin inarea of ​​the fingers? Or, perhaps, you experience pain in the joints while walking, especially on high heels? These first "bells" should be alerted, until the problem is aggravated. Very often, the above symptoms are added by superimposing the toes on each other.

the bone on the leg began to grow

Why do the bones on the legs grow on the thumbs?

There can be several reasons. First, this feature of the curvature of the foot is often hereditary, transmitted mainly through the female line. Secondly, the bones on the legs can grow due to the developing transverse flatfoot. With this disease, the bones of the foot take a fan-shaped position. Therefore, the joint of the big toe begins to bulge. The third possible reason for the appearance of "tuberosity" is the change of bones due to diseases of the supporting apparatus: arthritis or gout.

If the bones on the legs grow, how can they be treated?

Methods directly depend on the reasons. If the leg problems are hereditary or are a manifestation of serious diseases, pay special attention to nutrition. It is necessary, if possible, to observe the necessary diet and conduct health-improving procedures: massage, acupuncture. But often the deformation of the feet is uneven. That is, it happens that the bone on the leg began to grow, for example, from the right side, on the other there are no such changes. A special correction bandage will come to the rescue. Its use is most effective when the bone on the leg is asymmetrically growing. Treatment is carried out by using the articulated bus. Bandage can be worn on that leg, which is more prone to distortion. In this case, the device can easily be worn under loose shoes, as it increases the total foot volume by only six to eight millimeters. Gradually, the bones take the right position, the thumb is straightened, the swelling and pain sensations are removed.

growing bone on leg treatment

What measures do you need to take to reduce the risk of developing bones on the foot?

  • You should wear only comfortable shoes that do not interfere with blood circulation, squeezing your fingers.
  • Try to abandon high heels as much as possible or minimize their wearing time. Stop your choice on the average platform height.
  • Take time for relaxing treatments (massage, baths).
  • At the first signs of inflammation of the stone, take measures using iodine nets, herbal compresses or medical ointments.

Let your gait be easy thanks to healthy legs!

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