Bleeding gums. Causes and Treatment

Gum bleeding is a phenomenon thatshould pay serious attention. Bleeding can be caused by gum disease. Sometimes such a symptom points to other ailments that seriously threaten a person's life. Any bleeding gums can be noticed while brushing your teeth. Most often the symptom appears in conjunction with redness, tenderness, swelling of the gums.

With timely treatment, the ailment is easily eliminated. Otherwise, it is possible to develop an inflammatory process in the tissues surrounding the teeth. This disease is called - periodontitis. Bleeding can be reduced by special hygiene of the oral cavity. In addition, it is useful to use decoctions of medicinal herbs for rinsing.

Bleeding gums. Causes

One of the most common causes ofbleeding is gingivitis (inflammation). Gingivitis is also accompanied by reddening and swelling in the gum area, at the root of the teeth. There are other reasons:

1. Stomatitis (inflammation of the oral mucosa). The disease is accompanied by an unpleasant odor from the throat.

2. Pregnancy. Gum bleeding during pregnancy is a frequent phenomenon. It is associated with the restructuring of the body of a woman preparing for maternity.

3. The lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. This can cause increased fragility of small vessels. The process is accompanied by deterioration of blood clotting, and, consequently, bleeding gums.

4. Leukemia can also be the cause of the ailment. Leukemia is a dangerous disease, it is malignant.

5.Hemofiliya. The disease is characterized by a violation of the function of blood coagulability, is transmitted genetically.

6. Other diseases, accompanied by a decrease in blood platelet count.

7. Taking blood thinners. Such medicines include preparations "Warfarin", "Heparin".

If there is bleeding gums, you should pay attention to other symptoms:

Frequent nosebleeds.

* Prolonged or too abundant menstruation.

* Weakness, fever.

Categorically one should not engage in self-medication. It is advisable to seek help from a doctor. After all, bleeding gums can be a symptom of a serious disease that requires appropriate treatment.

First, it is recommended to visit a doctor -dentist. He will examine the oral cavity for the presence of periodontitis. If necessary, the doctor will send the patient to donate blood for analysis and, if he deems it necessary, recommend visiting such specialists as a hematologist, therapist.

Treatment of bleeding gums

Therapeutic treatment of ailment depends on the cause of the onset of symptoms. You can use some folk recipes:

1. Sucking the mouth with sage broth. The plant has a positive effect on the condition of the gums. In addition, the decoction of sage serves as a preventive against caries. To prepare the solution, take one tablespoon of the herb and pour it with boiling water (one glass). Then cool and rinse the mouth in the morning and evening.

2. A chamomile is a pharmacy. He will relieve the inflammation of the gums. The method of preparation is similar to the preparation of sage broth.

3. The use of calamus. It will help to remove the inflammatory process in the gums. The rhizomes should be cut into small pieces and chewed three times a day.

4. Massage of the gums. To massage the gums, as well as cleaning the space between the teeth from the remnants of food and plaque, it is recommended to eat raw apples, carrots more often.

The above recipes are more suitable forprevention of bleeding gums. The main factor in the treatment of the disease is the help of a qualified doctor. Observance of all appointments of a specialist will cure the disease.

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