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In Central Asia is the state of Uzbekistan. Its territory is crossed by plains and deserts, which are interspersed by mountains. There are many rivers, lakes and curative mineral springs here. All these factors together with a favorable climate create conditions for people's health. Many tourists come to Uzbekistan for this. Sanatoria, which are more than 50 in the country, are provided with medical services and comfortable rest. More details about the Uzbek health resorts read in the article.

general characteristics

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The state attaches great importance to the problem ofprotection of public health. Over the past decade, a lot has been done in this direction: major repairs and improvement of 17 health resorts and 3 rest homes have been carried out at the expense of state subsidies, an up-to-date medical diagnostic base has been created, X-ray rooms, biochemical and clinical laboratories have been opened in these institutions.

Great attention is paid to health issuesUzbekistan. Sanatoriums use it as traditional therapy, as well as new methods that were not previously used in spa practice: psycho-, aroma- and reflexotherapy, laser treatment and magnetic impulses.

In addition to treatment, all health resorts are offered to clientscomfortable accommodation in spacious, fully-equipped rooms, as well as an interesting and rich leisure: sporting events, concerts, excursions.

Use of natural factors

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The leading factor of recovery isclimatotherapy. It is especially effective in such areas as Shakhimardan, Ak-Tash, Chimgan, Charvak. Solar and air baths perfectly help patients with bronchial asthma and bronchitis, hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, obesity, neuroses.

It is rich in silt sulphide muds Uzbekistan. Sanatoriums use them to treat skin and gynecological problems. Obtain dirt mainly in the lake Balykly. Also great attention is paid to health resorts mineral springs. Iodine-bromine water (sanatoria Nihol and Chartak) helps to get rid of many ailments, hydrogen sulfide water (Chimion), sodium chloride water (Chinabad, Turon, Botanica, Kasan-say and "Buston"), unique radon water ("Abu Ali Ibn Sino"), which is used for drinking, bathing, and irrigation, many of which come to Uzbekistan for the sake of it. More than 100,000 people take part in sanatoriums every year, including up to 10,000 children.

Overview of health resorts

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What kind of health resorts does Uzbekistan have? Its sanatoriums are presented below:

  • "Abu Ali Ibn Sino", Nurabad district in the Samarkand region.
  • "Agalyk", Samarkand borough, village Agalyk.
  • "Aktash", Bostanlyk district in the Tashkent region.
  • "Botany", Kibray district in the Tashkent region.
  • "Zaamin", Zaaminsky district in the Jizzakh region.
  • "Kasansay", Namangan region.
  • "Kashkadarya Sohili", Karshi city.
  • "Mercian", Yukory-Chirchik district in the Tashkent region.
  • "Miraki", the city of Karshi.
  • "Nihol", Namangan region, Uchkurgan borough.
  • "Oltinsoy", Navoi region, Khatirchinsky borough.
  • "Tavaksay", Tashkent region, Bostanlik borough.
  • "Turon", Tashkent.
  • "Khanka", Khankin district in the Khorezm region.
  • "Khumsan", Bostanlyk district in the Tashkent region.
  • "Chartak", Namangan region
  • Chatkal, Gazalkent.

And others. The best sanatoriums of Uzbekistan are waiting for their visitors all the year round.

Prices can be different

Sanatoriums of Uzbekistan, photos of which are inarticle, offer a full rest and treatment. The price of one night stay in the health resort ranges from 15 to 80 US dollars. The price includes accommodation, full board and treatment.

Also, clients are offered for an additional fee services such as massage, some physiotherapy, in-depth medical examination.

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