How to get rid of lichen? The doctor will tell!

Lishyam called skin diseases,similar in appearance. As a rule, these are red flaky spots or bubbles filled with liquid. Medicine knows several types of this disease, each of which has a different nature, symptomatology and treatment. How to get rid of lichen? This question is asked by people who had the misfortune to get acquainted with this unpleasant disease.

how to get rid of lichen

How will get rid of lichen caused by Herpes zoster virus?

The second, more familiar name, is the shingleslichen. This disease has a viral origin, many factors can provoke it: stress, taking a course of antibiotics, weakening the immune system. The causative agent of the disease is airborne from a sick person to a healthy one. Symptoms are as follows:

  • enlarged lymph nodes;
  • rashes on the body in the form of vesicles filled with a turbid liquid;
  • rashes that "encircle" the human body;
  • temperature increase;
  • itching;
  • painful sensations.

Since the causative agent of this type of lichen isvirus, then when treating a doctor, usually appoints antiviral drugs. Pain pain relievers can be prescribed to relieve pain. To prevent infection, one should exclude the contact of healthy people with sick chicken pox and take care of their own immunity.

lichen in people photos

Lishay Zhibera (pink)

How will get rid of Zhibera's deprivation? The nature of the disease is still unknown. The cause of the disease can be the body's response to cold or stressful situation. This lichen is not contagious. Symptoms are as follows: the appearance of pale pink spots on the skin of various shapes and sizes, which subsequently begin to peel; itching and small pain. Treatment is often not prescribed - the symptoms disappear on their own. The doctor may prescribe pain medication.

Pityriasis (multicolored) lichen

How will get rid of depriving the otrubrious? The causative agent of this skin disease is a fungus called Pityrosporum orbiculare. On the human body appear pale pink spots, which eventually darken. At the beginning of the disease, the spots are not very large, and in diameter they are only about five to six millimeters. But later the amount of rashes grows, their diameter increases and they merge into one hearth. With this disease, there is increased sweating, besides the patient is concerned about the itching. As a treatment, the doctor prescribes antifungal agents that are applied externally. To prevent the disease, you need to keep the body and clothes clean.

How to get rid of ringworm?

treatment of lichen in man
The causative agent of this depriving is fungus. To catch this disease can be in contact with a sick animal or man. In the first case, the course of the disease is much more complicated. If the fungus has got on a hair part of a body on this place of hair as though breaks off, bald places are formed. In the focus of the disease appear whitish scales. On the hairless part of the body, the lichen spots have very distinct and even edges. As the main treatment the doctor prescribes antifungal drugs. Also, the affected areas can be lubricated with iodine and washed with tar soap. Lishay people (photos are presented in the article) have a different form, shape and color. In addition, they are similar to other dermatological diseases. Therefore, do not self-diagnose. Treatment of lichen in humans is a matter for dermatologists. Trust the experts, and you can get rid of this scourge in the shortest possible time. Be always healthy!

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